If you are an Amazon Seller your main goal will be earning profits right? In that case, I have an idea for you. When you do this, you can fetch extraordinary profits in just a few days. Sounds interesting right! Let's go deeper.

Arbitrage on Amazon is a very powerful strategy that will drive you good profits rapidly. But you have to spend enough time to choose the product and analyze it.

It is very tough for Amazon Sellers to spend at least a day sourcing various online stores. Though you spend more time, you may end up finding only a few products.

If you're a new seller you'll be frustrated with this process when you do it by yourself. To solve all your frustrations Amz Online Arbitrage is providing you with product deals from 1000+ online stores.

We'll mail you an excel sheet containing details about the product deals, BSR, ROI, Net Profit, Estimated Monthly Sales, Shipping Cost, Amazon price and Store price, and Store links.

Now I'll explain to you how to use the information given in the sheet to analyze your product.

Learn what you should notice when you choose a product!

Once you receive the sheet you've to do 7 STAGES OF ANALYSIS.

1. Product Analysis :

At this stage, you have to check whether the product is gated or not for your seller account. To find this, we have a magical tool that tells whether your product is gated or not in just 60 seconds. It's Amz Online Arbitrage ASIN Checker. 

If the product is gated you have to apply for approval from Amazon. If you don't have time to wait for approval then visit The Funnel Guru, who is an ungating expert.

2. Competitor Analysis :

Once you're done with choosing a product, you've to analyze the competition of your product. This is a very crucial area which decides whether your product has few competitors.

Also, you can analyze the product's market trends. Note the number of FBA and FBM sellers for your product. It is mentioned in the deals sheet itself.

3. Revenue Analysis :

As an Amazon Seller revenue is a very important part. You can analyze the revenue you'll derive from the product using various tools that are available on the market.

4. IP Analysis :

This step is to find whether your product is a duplication. You can use the IP of the product to find whether your product belongs to a reputed brand or if it is a duplication.

5. BSR & 90 days Average BSR :

To find the sales level of your product you have to notice the Best Seller Rank or BSR. It should not be below 2%. The Average sales made in 90 days should not be below 150k.

This will determine the approximate sales you can make for a particular product on Amazon.

6. Calculate Shipping charge + Tax :

Shipping cost is a factor that will determine the profits you can earn. So don't forget to note it down. Calculate the shipping cost and tax amount you'll incur. Deduct it from the profit you can earn. The balance amount is the final profit for your product.

If you're an FBA seller, you need not worry about shipping, customer returns, and warehousing. But you've to pay a certain amount to Amazon which is called Amazon FBA Fees.

If you're an FBM seller, then you have to handle storing, packing, shipping, and customer returns on your own. This is quite suitable for professional sellers who have years of experience in the Amazon business.

7. Profitability Analysis :

Though this is the final step, many sellers fall prey to eye-catching profits. So you have to be very diplomatic before taking a decision.

Make sure you get good profits even after covering the shipping and other costs. Don't forget about the taxes!! Calculate all the expenses and still, you have to get at least $4 Net Profit.

Our deals sheet clearly briefs the Net Profit you'll yield from the product. Also, we mention the shipping cost separately.

Grab the exciting deals from Amz Online Arbitrage! Enjoy enormous profits. Interesting plans are waiting for you. Don't miss it out!!

Grow your Amazon business with profit-driven products available for deals at Amz Online Arbitrage. Also, know the profit, restrictions, competition, before you invest in products and sell.

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