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Profitable product leads lists for Amazon sellers

Curated by our experts, who are seven figure Amazon sellers themselves, our leads list enables sellers, by providing them with ‘a list of guaranteed profitable products, that they can sell on Amazon for a pre-determined minimum ROI’, and complete information on where they can source these products, locally.

Avoid strenuous product research, and mitigate risk, with our leads list, which are guaranteed to give you an edge over other sellers.

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What are Deals/Leads lists?

Find the best Amazon product deals with AMZ Online Arbitrage

Amazon product ‘Lead Lists’ or ‘Deals’ are lists that are made for Amazon sellers, that contains a list of products that are profitable to sell currently on Amazon.


The list also includes detailed information on each individual product such as ASIN, BSR, buying price, selling cost, net profit, and a direct link to the retailer for sourcing at the buying price mentioned.

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These lists are prepared by our expert VAs (Virtual Assistants) who are seven figure sellers themselves, on Amazon.


Credible leads allow you to focus on strategic tasks, while experts manage product searches. Depending on the service provider, you may anticipate an ROI range from 10% to 200%. Therefore, choosing a service that meets your requirements could be the key to a successful arbitrage journey.

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Our leads lists are kept exclusive to very few buyers, i.e, each list compiled, is only sold to 3 sellers to keep competition low for high demand products, thus assuring profitability.



Free full access to our

‘Leads Management Dashboard’

Access, analyze and manage all your leads in one place, with our powerful leads
management dashboard. Includes metrics and analytics that truly empower your
product selection process.

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Unveiling the Wealth of Insights in our Deals List

Delve into a treasure trove of insights meticulously crafted to empower
Amazon sellers on a daily basis.

Product lead lists curated by experts, exclusively for you
Gain profitable leads

Gain profitable leads on fast selling, high ROI products on Amazon, daily by subscribing to our leads lists.

Here are some of the minimum guarantees that we offer on our lists:


Average ROI per Lead


55% minimum

Average Profits

Average Profits per sale


$5.5 minimum

BSR of the Lead

BSR of the Lead


Top 1.5% rank (maximum)

Secure the best products with Amazon product deals list | AMZ Online Arbitrage
The Leads List comes with the Following
Information for Each Product
Mssc RM50 Foam
Mssc RM50 Foam Pad For Rolmark Ink 5 X 7 In.

Office Products

Created on : 01/11/2024

Mssc RM50 FoamAmazon product deals list with metrics | AMZ Online Arbitrage

Store Name



Store Price



Amazon Price






Net Profit






FBA Seller



FBM Seller



EST Monthly Sales






BSR Rank





Amazon product deals list with metrics | AMZ Online Arbitrage



Shipping Notes

Calculated Shipping


Promotion Code




Unique features redefining success in our deals

All products in our deals lists are carefully vetted by our experts, to ensure that they are compliant with any possible IP claims.

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Benefits of using Leads lists, for Amazon
1. Stress Free Selling
Looking for profitable

Looking for profitable products to sell on Amazon is hard, regardless of your experience level. We will be your go-to partner for online arbitrage deals! We will provide lists of fast-moving products through our online arbitrage leads list and ease your work.

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Accelerate your Amazon growth with product
leads list

The AMZ Online Arbitrage leads list is an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers, especially those immersed in reselling on OA Amazon and Amazon FBA online arbitrage. The meticulously curated product lists are crafted by our in-house experts, who are 7 figure sellers themselves, on Amazon.

The Amazon product leads list aims to streamline product research efforts by presenting profitable products with high rate of interest (ROI). By leveraging advanced technology and a deep understanding of e-commerce arbitrage, the product leads list helps sellers optimize profitability and navigate the complexities of online retail arbitrage. Read more...

The AMZ Online Arbitrage leads list is an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers
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