facebookInfinity: The best product research tool for Amazon sellers in 2024

The best tool for Amazon sellers in 2024 – Infinity

Welcome to a new era of Amazon selling. The 'Infinity' Chrome Extension is your comprehensive solution for efficient product research, offering a treasure trove of metrics and sub-metrics to empower your decision-making process. Let's dive into how we conduct thorough product research using Infinity.

Research Amazon products with AMZ Online Arbitrage product research tool

The game changing chrome extension that every
Amazon seller needs

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Enabling ‘Product-Category Page’
level data insights


Search for a product on Amazon, scroll through the product search results page, and dismiss products that don’t fit your criteria from the product category page itself, without having to open the specific product page.

Get detailed Amazon product information with research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage

Detailed ‘Product level’ Information for comprehensive product research

Analyze any product or ASIN for detailed information and sales history, calculate profitability for FBA and FBM models, find insights into competition, check products to see whether they are restricted or bound by IP claims, Hazmat or under the seasonal products category, create tags for products, find options for sourcing products, create/connect with custom data sheets, all in one place.

Enhancing the power of product research  

In-depth product information and analytics for informed decision making

FBA Quick Profit Calculator

To quicky determine if a product is profitable,
input your buy price, after referring to
sourcing options, and calculate your profits,
in a few quick clicks. Includes the following metrics
to determine potential Profit:

Monthly Estimated Sales

The number of monthly sales of a
product on Amazon.

Buy Price

The price at which the user sources
the product + shipping to Amazon’s

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Optimize Amazon sales with FBA Calculator | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Amazon FBA & FBM

Elevate your profit game on Amazon by
leveraging the strategic insights provided by
Infinity's FBA & FBM Calculator. Uncover the
true costs associated with different
fulfillment methods, factor in fees, and fine-
tune your pricing strategy for maximum

OElevate Amazon sales with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Analyze Amazon product with historical data | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Product Historical Sales

Buy Box

‘Buy Box’ for this product is achieved at
this price.

BSR (Best Seller Rank)

The current Best Seller Rank of
a product on Amazon, used as one of
the few main factors that determine a
product’s profitability.

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Offers, Variations and Marketplace checks

Gain insights through accurate information on different offers and variations. Also check to see if the product is selling in other marketplaces.

Product Competitors
Running Offers

Details on different sellers running offers for
that product 

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Free Premium in-tool Keepa Analytics
Historical Data

Leverage historical data and price tracking with Keepa Analytics, now built into Infinity, with all its features. 

Research Amazon product with Keepa Analytics | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Sourcing Options and
  • Explore sourcing options for products,
    with 1 click on Google, Walmart etc, from
    the tool itself.
  • Find potential sources and note them as
    a list in the tool.
  • Create and manage sourcing and other
    product-specific notes for further
Shortlist Amazon products with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Categorize Amazon products with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Tags & Sheets
  • Add tags to ASINs for easy categorization
  • Create customizable data sheets on the go
Constantly updated database

Updated to ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips

Constantly updated

Our Amazon chrome extensions for sellers are always updated to ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the most recent data, enabling you to adapt to market trends swiftly

Adapt to Amazon market trends with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Change themes from dark to light and
light to dark

Choose the style of interface that best resonates with you.

Amazon product research tool in dark mode | AMZ Online Arbitrage
How It Works
Install the Extension

Download and install the Amz Online Arbitrage ‘Infinity’ Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers. It seamlessly integrates with your browser

Download Amazon product research tool from Chrome Web Store | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Browse Amazon Product

Navigate through different Amazon product category pages, exploring the vast array of products available in each niche. You can see data for listings on the category page itself, that helps you shortlist seemingly profitable products, to explore in-depth later.

Browse Amazon products with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Explore Amazon product
pages, in-depth

Navigate to the product page of your shortlisted ASINs, to gain in-depth insights on the product, and its profitability.

Overview of Amazon product with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Shortlist Amazon products with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Create a shortlist of
potential ASINs, that you
consider selling, based on

Create a note, and tag ASINs that match your criteria, for further reference/research later.

Access your custom data sheets anytime

Access all your previous research through the notes and data sheets anytime and even on the Amazon page with our tool.

Why Sellers use the ‘Infinity’ for Amazon product research 
1.Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions backed by detailed product metrics and historical data during product research and selection, to truly increase the chances of high profitability.

Increase your Amazon sales profit with product research tool | AMZ Online Arbitrage
Embrace the future of Amazon selling with 'Infinity' Chrome Extension.

Download now and revolutionize the way you approach product research and decision-making. Your success is just a click away