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4 Best Profitable Categories To Sell On Amazon

4 Best Profitable Categories To Sell On Amazon

Planning to sell on Amazon? Going to expand your product line on Amazon? Well, don't worry you've plenty of opportunities. Amazon has 310 million active users worldwide.

It's definitely worth selling on Amazon, however, there are already hundreds of thousands of competitors that may have already established themselves as a lot of loyal customers.

In that case, knowing the profitable categories to sell on Amazon will help you to make great decisions for your Amazon business.

Let's look at some of the most profitable categories on Amazon.



Well, before that, how can you source products to sell on Amazon? We make your work easier.

Finding profitable categories involves researching, and to make that simple we've given you the list of profitable categories.

With that list of profitable categories, you can start to sell on Amazon. However, from those categories which products do you choose? Where do you buy those products?

And, that's not as easy as you think. But we make it simpler, with arbitrage for Amazon.

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Even, if you find products to sell on Amazon, it's difficult to buy those products at a lower price. But, with Amz Online Arbitrage that would be possible.

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Well, that's great. Let's check the profitable categories list that will create great sales for you.



1. BOOKS  

Amazon initially started to sell books, know that right. Over time, it started growing towards more digital options like Kindle products.

Without any doubt, when it comes to selling on Amazon, it'll always in the profitable category list. Being comprised of over 35 sub-categories, the Books category is the great one, including over 44.2 million products.

In this category, the widely selling books and the most famous subcategories are children’s books, literature and fiction, and self-help.



It is not surprising that Electronics are one of the best-selling categories on Amazon because there's continuous development in the tech sector and the growing popularity of IoT, VR, and AI.

Did you know that Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker became the first product on Amazon to get over a million reviews?

According to the 2020 report, sellers in the Electronics category on average make a 20% profit margin, which is considerably high compared to other categories.

Amazon only charges an 8% commission, compared to the standard 15%, which makes the electronics category even more profitable.

This category includes everything from accessories and cables to audio/video devices and even vehicle electronics.



Who hates buying clothes? It's one of the on-demand categories throughout the year, no matter what season, the demand will never become low.

As the research shows, the main buyers of clothing on Amazon are Millennials and customers with Amazon Prime.

According to a survey done by QZ, here are the most popular products that were sold under this category

  • Casual tops (68% of respondents purchased)

  • Shoes (48%)

  • Casual bottoms (38%)

  • Athletic wear (34%)

  • Accessories (26%)

  • Dresses (23%)

  • Underwear (24%)



Another category that always has demand in place, whether it’s educational toys or Disney/Marvel toys, this category is busy all year.

With the continuous release of new cartoons every year, and movie-themed toys becoming popular in the market it always has high demand.

Also, toys and games are considered to be the most preferred gift options among customers. Parents try to spend more on toys for their newborn babies.

The trending products in the bestseller list are Math Cubes, Animal books, and Lego.



Have you found any profitable categories to sell on Amazon? However, it's not needed to sell these categories alone.

You can try selling any of the categories which has demand, however, you need to take efforts in promoting your products no matter what the categories be.

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