Forget Amazon PPC: 5 Cheap Ad Options for Ecommerce

5 Best Low-Cost Alternatives To Amazon PPC

5 Best Low-Cost Alternatives To Amazon PPC

You've spent a lot of money on Amazon PPC, but not getting the results as expected? Do you promote on Amazon but nothing is happening?

What are your thoughts about promoting products outside Amazon? Whatever your answer might be, you need to focus on this activity.

Even without spending a dime, you can successfully promote your products. To help you promote your business, I'm putting together a list of free methods.

But first, you have a quick question: In order to sell products, you have to market them. If your product isn't great, how can you market it?

You might have a great product in your possession. Yet, if you want to expand your product line or plan to source products, don't waste any more time.

Instead, check out Amz Online Arbitrage, where you'll find profitable products from online stores for deals.

Amz Online Arbitrage allows you to obtain any product from any store at a lower price and resell it on Amazon. We offer you the ability to analyze products with the data, such as sales rank, ROI, or any other factors you need.

With Amz Online Arbitrage, you can discover profitable online arbitrage deals easily. Isn't that wonderful?

Now let's discuss other ways to promote your products apart from Amazon.




1. Optimize For Search Engines

When people are planning to buy something, what is the first thing they do? Go to Google and search for the product.

In order to purchase that product, first, look up the product information before purchasing it. As a result, you should have your website in place while customers are searching.

Similar to optimizing your product listing on Amazon, you should also optimize your website for search engines.

To optimize the search engine you've to consider:

  • You can identify your target market using Google Analytics.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices.
  • Create top-quality content that is relevant.
  • Your website should be user-friendly and should have clear navigation.
  • Build relevant links to get high-quality traffic.
  • Include relevant keywords.


2. Social Media

Although you have a website in hand, without social media platforms, it won't work that well. And, of course, it's much easier to reach your target audience on social media than on any other channel.

It is important to develop a strategy for promoting your product on different social media platforms. Different platforms require different types of promotion.

Use social media contests, polls, and giveaways, to create interactions between you and your followers. Also, do some research about other platforms, your target audience might find of value.


3. Questions

People turn to specific forums when they are stuck and looking for solutions. These Q&A sites like Quora and Reddit can help you find new customers.

Do not be too sales when answering the questions; you want to help, not sell.

Best of all, Google indexes these sites. Thus, if anyone searches for your answers, your answers will appear in Google searches.


4. Youtube

In addition to buying online, promoting products on YouTube is a great way to engage customers.

By showcasing your product, as well as recording a testimonial from a client, you can create a channel.

The title and description of the video should include the product name or a keyword related to it.

Almost all purchases are made based on recommendations from Youtube influencers. Promote your products by connecting with them.


5. Email Marketing

66% of consumers make a purchase after receiving an email marketing message, did you know?

It may seem outdated to you, but it isn't. The easiest and most effective way to reach your target audience is through email marketing.



With these low-cost yet effective marketing channels, you can increase sales on Amazon by promoting your products.

Also, don't forget to use Amz Online Arbitrage to source products.

If you want to learn more about online arbitrage, reach out to amz blog.


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