What eCommerce Customers Really Want 5 Key Needs

5 Important eCommerce Customer Needs You Should Know

5 Important eCommerce Customer Needs You Should Know

Running an e-commerce business? To sell your products, you need to know your audience first.

Today's customers have more options than ever before and it's tough satisfying those picky customers.

To satisfy them you need to know what your customer needs from your store. And, that's why we compiled a list of what eCommerce customers want from their shopping experience.

But first, your products. The most important part of your business.

Before knowing their needs, does your product fulfill their needs? Give the customer exactly what they need, not what you think they need.

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Now it's time to analyze your e-commerce customer's needs.


1. Design

Appearance is what defines your store. Remember your customers are not just visiting the store and picking the product. That's why it's essential that your store need to be visually appealing.

Your website design must consider design trends, tech tools, user experience, user interface, and more.

Keeping your customers in mind, you need to ensure that you have an optimal design that encourages people to buy.


2. Personalized Experience

Whatever technology developments and evolution come into existence, customers expect personal human interaction when it comes to buying products.

Customers in the U.S. are willing to pay 17% more for a company that offers excellent customer service.

When it comes to customer service, people need to feel that you understand and care about them. From addressing their queries on time, and responding politely, to fixing their problems all come in customer service.


3. Free Shipping 

Nowadays every customer expects free shipping from the e-commerce site. And, most of the cart abandonment takes place when they see high shipping costs

Think like this, they visit your site, choose the desired product, they're happy with your pricing, features, and images, and are ready to purchase.

When they're ready to checkout, they see the shipping cost and leave the website or cart there without buying.

To make that simple, you need to consider offering free shipping to your customers.

Amazon Prime was successful because of its Free two-day shipping.


4. Special Offers

Having said that, in this e-commerce world customers have more options in place. Especially if you’re competing against companies with similar products, the price could be a big factor in a customer’s purchase decision.

Users are more likely to buy online if they think this is the best deal they will find. To stand out and attract more buyers you need to provide offers and discounts.


5. Easy Returns

The return process is actually quite complicated in offline stores itself. If you create a smooth, hassle-free return process, you will encourage more shopping and loyal customers.

Make sure you've got a return policy in place to avoid complications. The return process needs to be buyer-friendly and if the return process is favorable to the customer, you will go far in providing what the customer wants.



Your e-commerce customer needs change from time to time. Make sure you monitor their needs often and provide the best buying experience online.

When you are done researching your customer's needs, it's time to build your e-commerce business. Having good products in your business is a must.

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