5 Factors To Consider Before Selling On Online Marketplace

5 Factors To Consider Before Selling On Online Marketplace

Planning to sell online? You know that there are countless e-commerce websites offering multiple products under a single roof.

And it's difficult to find the right one which suits your business, budget, audience, and others. But don't worry, we're here to help you out by providing the factors that every seller needs to consider before selling in any marketplace.

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Now, let's check the 5 most important factors to consider before selecting your marketplace.


5 Factors To Consider Before Selecting An Online Marketplace


Before anything else, checking the marketplace site traffic is the first thing you should consider as a seller.

The more traffic the marketplace acquires, the higher chance your potential customers will be able to see your product.

For instance, the data of Statista reveals that as of September 2020, more than 82 percent of desktop traffic to Amazon.com was from the United States.

Analyze the marketplace traffic and choose wisely.



If you are selling gadgets, there's no point selling on the fashion marketplace right?. Each marketplace can attract different types and needs of shoppers.

For example, Etsy appeals to consumers looking for unique products, when it comes to Amazon, people prefer due to the fast and free shipping.

Marketplaces are platforms that give you access to people who are actively looking to make a purchase, but it is ultimately you as a seller that makes your potential customers convert.


3. FEE

When selling in a marketplace, there are fees and costs that you will need to take into account.

Start by researching the site's fee structure. Some marketplaces only charge a margin or selling commission.

But you also need to look for other fees like fixed annual fees, listing fees, payment fees, shipping fees and advertising fees.

Don't forget to consider your ROI, and profit before heading to pay the fees for any marketplace.



While this may or may not be a requirement for you, we would recommend that you research what support is provided and whether it has any additional cost involved.

As a seller, you need to make sure that the marketplace has a well-defined policy in place to help you in any aspect of your business.

Most of the marketplaces have an expert support team who not only helps with the marketplace issues but also provides knowledge about selling.



It is no surprise that every marketplace has its own policies, rules, and regulations in place to maintain their brand reputation.

Hence, it is important to know those policies as a seller before selling in that particular marketplace.

While in some marketplaces it might be difficult to effectively showcase your branding, some sites will enable you to set up your own store within the marketplace.



Ultimately customers are the most important factor to sell in any marketplace. Even if you have a great product in hand, but you have listed it in marketplaces that don't have a huge customer base in that particular niche, it's actually a waste of time and money.

Consider all the above-mentioned factors and choose the marketplace wisely based on your business and product needs..

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