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5 Impressive Ways To Attract Baby Boomers To Your Amazon Store

5 Impressive Ways To Attract Baby Boomers To Your Amazon Store

Have you considered baby boomers while marketing your products?

Who are baby boomers? "Baby boomer" is a term used to describe a person who was born between 1946 and 1964.

While a lot of the attention goes toward Millennials, Amazon sellers shouldn’t underestimate the buying power of baby boomers.

Here are the top 5 ways you can make your Amazon store more appealing to boomers.


5 Tips For Amazon Sellers To Attract Baby Boomers


As of 2022, there are over 200 million Amazon Prime members around the world.

That's a lot, right? And you can expect a significant increase in the numbers by the end of 2023.

Customers love free shipping, one of the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member.

Most baby boomers subscribe to Amazon Prime due to the benefits it offers such as receiving orders faster and saving money on delivery. Prime Video has also helped drive more baby boomers to subscribe to the platform.

Hence, by becoming a Prime seller, you can expand your product reach to more customers. Becoming Prime-eligible also allows you to optimize your position in the buy box.

Become an Amazon Prime seller and you can attract more baby boomers to your store.



Not only boomers but every online shopper prefers the in-store shopping experience. To offer the in-store experience, you need to know your products.

Do you know about your products well enough? How about its demand and profitability?

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Now you got the products that have actual demand. Focus on the explanation and the details you provide about your product.

Because it's the deciding factor for boomers to make a purchase.

Most baby boomers take their time in deciding on a product. Hence, it's important you provide all the details that make your product different from the rest.

You can provide a video demo that highlights the features and benefits of the product to help them better understand the product.

Provide clear product images to show what the product looks like.



Every online shopper wants to see the product visually because it helps them feel the product as in offline stores. And people are more likely to relate to a product or service if they see someone who looks like them using it.

If you cater to older customers, it is helpful to include product photos of models who appear to be around the age of your target audience.



This is most crucial when you intend to target baby boomers.

Whether boomers or millennials or anyone else, no one likes to read too many paragraphs/long sentences of difficult words about something. The same applies here.

Be it the product feature, attributes, or a user manual, make it easy to read. Moreover, baby boomers expect a clear and easy explanation if they have trouble operating a new product they just bought.

Hence, make it easy for them without overwhelming them with too much information/details.



When it comes to baby boomers, around 26% are active in loyalty programs, as opposed to only 19% of Millennials.

To target boomers, provide a straightforward loyalty program that doesn't involve too many steps or various hoops to jump through.

96% of the Boomers use email regularly, and 92% are known to click through and explore the products being advertised.

Thus, e-mail is a great way to leverage your brand and market your products. You can also provide your loyalty program, be sure to have a clear message and call to action.



While selling on Amazon, you need to understand your customer and their needs no matter which generation segment they belong to.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can attract more baby boomers to your business and increase sales.

Also, don't forget to offer great quality products and exceptional customer service, no matter what age they may be.

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