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5 Packaging Tips For Amazon Sellers To Avoid Product Damages

5 Packaging Tips For Amazon Sellers To Avoid Product Damages

Do your customers often receive damaged products? It's time you improve your packaging game.

There can be unavoidable circumstances that cause damage to the products. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t measures you can take to reduce damage to your products.

Read the article for tips to avoid sending damaged goods to your Amazon customers. Make sure your customers don't lose their excitement after unpacking your product.





Every product comes in a package, no matter what size or type the product is. Therefore, you need to get the package or box that will fit your product well.

You can save costs and reuse your old box instead.

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It will come in packaging which you can reuse without any further hesitation.

In most cases, it's best to not take a risk and go for new boxes/packaging to avoid product damage.



Whatever the box type, it needs to be sturdy to carry the product's weight. Double or even triple-walled boxes are the best types of boxes to use, especially for large, heavy, or fragile products.

Now you might be thinking - It's just a box, and why this much effort? It might be just a box but it's the thing that not only prevents your product from damage but also prevents you from getting negative feedback.

The more sturdy your boxes are, the more likely you can reduce the damage.



Original packaging is nothing but the packaging that was created specifically for these products so they provide superior protection.

For example, when shipping electronics, it's best to keep them in their original packaging.



Damages not only occur if the product falls down from a height but also due to multiple products hitting each other.

If you're planning to ship multiple items within one box, especially if they’re fragile, you should wrap each item separately.

You can wrap them either in bubble wrap or foam padding with at least an inch of thickness around each item.



You might be using scotch tape, duct tape, or any other kind of tape that is lying around the house. Don’t do it!

Always use high-quality packaging tape, and ensure that you seal your package well so that it is resistant to moisture and odor. Also, ensure that your package isn’t overly compressed, or allowed to move around too much.



When packaging products for your customers, you need to focus on every little detail that affects your customer experience.

Hope these product packaging tips will help you and ensure that you get a positive reaction from your customers always.

Don't hesitate to add personalized details if you wish to, especially when packaging products for the holiday season or events. This will make your customers feel a lot closer to you, fostering better customer relationships.

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