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5 Proven Steps To Compete With Amazon

5 Proven Steps To Compete With Amazon

Competing with Amazon!? Is that even possible?

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform, so competing with it can be quite a challenge.

But who said it is impossible? Read on to know how to compete with Amazon and win.


Compete With Amazon Using These 5 Steps 


Without profitable products, you can't compete with Amazon or with any other sellers. Finding profitable products is a difficult task, but not anymore.

We've got amazon arbitrage software where you can find the best profitable products!

All you need to do is sign-up, buy the deal list that fits your needs, and start selling on Amazon.

As you know, Amazon is a vast marketplace where you can find everything. But, you're selling only a few things. Take this as an advantage and focus on leveraging keywords and your product listings.



Never run out of stock, there are chances when Amazon will run out of stock of a particular item.

Plan your inventory ahead by forecasting the demand for your products. Without stock, not only Amazon, you can't compete with other sellers either.

After making search customers get a list of search results, and they won't scroll down. They look at the product that appears on the top, check for images and product titles, and click.

Imagine, your customers see your product, and want to buy it but find that the product is out of stock.

Your customers are more likely to get fed up and leave the site itself or your product page. This made you not only lose the customer but also the impression about your brand/ seller name.



Amazon has restrictions and policies for sellers as it is a customer-centric platform. It emphasizes on providing the best customer experience on the platform.

One way to compete with Amazon is to provide something that they won't. They can’t provide personalized service and relationships to customers.



When it comes to shipping, it's a known fact that Amazon is dominating and its success depends on shipping.

Amazon has a great delivery system, but it might not work for every seller. Amazon’s Prime members can get two-day shipping for free.

People could select their choice channel(s) with what suits them at a particular time. They opt for an on-time fulfillment service and shipping service that exceeds their expectations.



Most sellers think of reducing the prices when it comes to competing with Amazon.

Amazon is sitting back and collecting data. Do a quick search on Amazon, and you’ll see an AmazonBasics alternative to the previous Best Seller.

If you plan to lower your price, you actually end up risking your Amazon business. Don't take the risk of losing a business’s survival by slashing the prices.

By staying competitive on pricing, you can still win the competition.



Having said that, half of the sales are made by third-party sellers on Amazon. Amazon may be the largest e-commerce platform but there are some serious gaps, which sellers can exploit.

Using arbitrage for Amazon FBA, you can get profitable deals and sell them on the platform. Working on your keywords, pricing strategy and shipping can also help in the long run.

Always think about your customers and deliver a great customer experience.

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