Uncover the Best Products to Source for Amazon FBA

5 Proven Techniques To Source Products For Amazon FBA

5 Proven Techniques To Source Products For Amazon FBA

While doing business on Amazon, sourcing products play a major role. Finding the right product is an important aspect for an Amazon Seller to make great sales.

But, Do you know how to source a product and which product is perfect for selling? Well, I can understand what you're thinking.

Here are the 5 proven techniques to source products for Amazon FBA. Also, I have a secret suggestion for you to find the best products without spending much time.



The first and the best method to source products for Amazon FBA is Online Arbitrage. Many of you may not be familiar with this method. So I'll brief you clearly.

It's just a sourcing method where you'll buy the most profitable products from online stores like Walmart at discounted prices and resell them on Amazon at a comparatively higher price.

The difference in price is the profit you'll earn. You have to deduct the shipping cost from the profit. When your profit is above $4 even after deducting the shipping cost, then your product is a profitable one.

The only hurdle in this method is, you have to spend enough time sourcing products from online stores which is difficult for busy Amazon Sellers. So I have a simple solution to save you time. "Amz Online Arbitrage"  

Yes! Amz Online Arbitrage sources 1000+ online stores, scan Millions of products, and find you the best products so that your business scales up soon on Amazon.

We provide the best deals at the lowest price in the market along with bonus deals. Give it a try! You'll love it!



Retail arbitrage is much similar to online arbitrage where you have to find profitable products available at discounted rates from a retail store and resell them on Amazon for a higher price.

You can use Amz Online Arbitrage deals for retail arbitrage on Amazon too!  No more searching for products for hours together. You have Amz Online Arbitrage on your side.



Dropshipping is another method of sourcing Amazon products that can generate high returns for aspiring sellers. Using this method, sellers don't store products in warehouses before selling, as they take orders on behalf of a distributor, manufacturer, or supplier.

Following a customer's purchase, a seller's work will commence by asking suppliers to fulfill the order. Once these items have been shipped, the buyer receives them. Dropshipping doesn't require as much capital as the traditional retail model. Entrepreneurs are therefore interested in it.



Wholesale is buying branded products in large quantities from producers or manufacturers at the lowest price. With this business model of product sourcing for Amazon, sellers can purchase the goods in bulk and then offer them at a reduced price. The wholesale model eliminates the middleman.

As a supplier, you can:

  • Organize all your stock

  • Keep a close eye on your order

  • Ensure that you fulfill every order



Lastly, Amazon's product sourcing method is private label. Using this method, you browse the products on Amazon that are highly sought after. After that, you get them and label them as yours. It is critical to choose the right product because it will be very profitable.

When you create your own brand, you upgrade the presentation of these existing products, but this requires more effort. However, it is worth the effort because you will stand out from your competitors. As a result, you will make more money.



In my opinion, it is best for newbies to choose Online arbitrage, Retail arbitrage, and Dropshipping for sourcing products for Amazon FBA Arbitrage. Experienced sellers who know the market trends can go with Private labeling, and Wholesale.

If you've decided to go with online arbitrage and retail arbitrage, you can get the deals without spending much time from Amz Online Arbitrage for just a few dollars.

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