Uncover Hot Products to Sell on Amazon in 5 Easy Steps

5 Ways To Do Product Research To Sell On Amazon

5 Ways To Do Product Research To Sell On Amazon

If you're planning to sell on Amazon, the first-ever step you need to do is not create an Amazon seller account, you need to do research.

There are a lot of things you need to do in order to become a successful Amazon seller.  However, the one thing that you need to do is product research.

Have no idea how to do Amazon product research? You've made the right decision and we're here to help you out by providing the techniques to perform the product research.


5 Tips To Perform Product Research To Sell On Amazon


That's great, right?. If you want to sell on Amazon, you first need to know your customers and the marketplace.

To know what customers are preferring to make a purchase, you need to check Amazon itself.

If you've no idea what to sell, you need to analyze the Amazon Bestseller list. Amazon lists all the best-selling products on this page. You can even find the products based on categories and subcategories.

Also, you can check Amazon hot releases which are updated hourly with new or future released items that sell best on Amazon.

Amazon Most Wished For, this page lists all the products that are most often added to Amazon’s Wish list by customers.



If you are just getting started in the Amazon business, it's essential to learn what your competitors are selling, and not only that you can move one step further to know the techniques they use to attract customers.



Top 3 sellers for the product you've chosen to sell on Amazon. By looking at the Top 3 sellers you can able to determine how easy or challenging it may be to gain rank.

Look at the Top 3 sellers of a product and the number of reviews each product has received. This will give a clear picture of whether you can compete with them or not.

As you know, Amazon is extremely competitive, to compete with you need to look at the top 3 Sellers that have 500 – 1000 reviews.

If that's the case, you need to invest more in CPC ads, and you need to rely on getting significantly more reviews in order to be competitive.



Well, while doing research you really need to know about Amazon product restrictions.

We have a free chrome extension Amz Online Arbitrage ASIN Checker with that you can able to find the restrictions for products you're about to sell.

However, don’t see this as an obstacle to whether or not you can sell on Amazon.

Amazon restricted certain categories due to the well-being and safety of the customers. And it is actually a great advantage for you, these categories are likely to be less competition compared to unrestricted categories.

To get approved for a category, the seller needs to meet specific criteria, and getting approval takes more work and time.

Well, you don't have to spend your time, we recommend you try The Funnel Guru un-gating service.

At The Funnel Guru, they have years of experience in ungating and hence the experts get you ungated in any of the categories without any hassles.



Finally, after analyzing, researching, and spending much time choosing your product niche, you've to source products to sell on Amazon.

Again, you need to do a lot of research to find out whether the products are a good deal or not. Well, you need not worry about that.

We have a great tool sourcing tool recommendation if are doing online arbitrage Amazon. With Amz Online Arbitrage you can find product deals from various online stores.

All you have to do is simply visit Amz Online Arbitrage, sign-up, and have researched your products right.

Choose that product, analyze it with the given product information such as ROI, sales rank, etc., and buy it from the respective store within Amz Online Arbitrage itself.

With Amz Online Arbitrage you don't have to analyze different websites to find the deals, simply you can buy products at a lower price from Amz Online Arbitrage.

Source it from Amz Online Arbitrage and sell it on Amazon.



Now that you’ve got some techniques to start your product research, now it’s time to start taking actionable steps to successfully sell on Amazon.

Don't forget to try Amz Online Arbitrage to source products to sell on Amazon.

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