5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Conversions On Amazon

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Conversions On Amazon

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Conversions On Amazon

Struggling to make sales? Wondering why shoppers land on your website but leave without proceeding further?

Why is your bounce rate so high? How do you improve your bounce rate and in turn, improve your sales?

Well, too many questions. In this article, we'll provide you the top tips by which you can not only reduce your bounce rate but also improve your sales.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in to explore the effective tips to reduce bounce rates.




One main reason for the high eCommerce bounce rate is that visitors are not able to find what they are looking for.

Consumers don't have time to scroll down to the end or navigate to different pages, they expect quick and easy solutions.

To combat this problem, you have to make your search bar as prominent as possible.

Don't forget to consider the character length. If they type long queries in the short search box it may impact getting accurate results.

Along with the ideal character length you also need to consider showing up the right results.



As said earlier, they don't have much time, and you too. You need to grab their attention in the first couple of seconds to stay on your website.

You don’t want to waste their time by just showing them a blank page loading scripts and downloading content.

Decibel Insight’s research on page load time and bounce rate says that slow loaders have a 72% higher bounce rate than fast loaders, and a 38% higher bounce rate than medium loaders.

A fast-loading site also scores high on search rankings. Site speed is critical and you should take all possible steps to make your website faster.



The majority of content on websites is in text format. Before drafting the content on your website think about your customer. What they really need, what they get, what they look for, think about it, and draft accordingly.

Also, you need to make sure that the text on your website is readable on all devices. Use font sizes that are large enough on smaller screens.

You also need to make sure that you use enough line spacing, padding, and margins to make the text look neat.

Another important point to consider is the language and style you choose to use on your website. Use easy-to-understand language in a normal conversational tone.

Finally, the more interesting, informative, useful, and entertaining the content is, the more likely it is to engage visitors.

Not only content can help your eCommerce site to reduce bounce rates, but it will also enhance its SEO efforts with better rankings, quality backlinks, and more.



84% of people won’t make a purchase if they are dealing with an unsecured website.

Too much clutter of information makes them leave. Let there be no bombardment of information on your homepage. Simplify your design and work towards reducing distractions. 

Also, placing popups on each and every point of the page will be annoying at times, use it correctly.



Your visitors will be accessing your site either from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience across different browsers and devices.

Check how much of your traffic comes from different browsers. Do you know 79% of users have made a purchase online using their mobile device?

Think and design wisely.



Customers are the base for e-commerce business. When you understand the real needs of your users, you can definitely reduce the bounce rate.

Give your customers what they want and need and reduce the bounce rate with the above-mentioned tips.

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