The Six Secret Weapons of Checkout Page Optimization

6 Ways To Optimize Checkout Page For Better Customer Experiences

6 Ways To Optimize Checkout Page For Better Customer Experiences

Is it that important to optimize your checkout page in the e-commerce business? Yes, because it’s the last thing people see before they buy, or end-up in abandon their cart.

Did you know that e-commerce carts have an average 70% abandonment rate?  It's nearly 7 out of 10 people leave your checkout page without making a purchase.

But don’t worry! In this article, I’ll help you out by providing some ways by which you can nail your checkout page and reduce your cart abandonment.

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Now let's get ahead of the competition by reducing your cart abandonment with these tips.




The longer the checkout process, the more likely someone is to leave. And, that's the place where someone makes a purchase with lots of expectations.

Make it simple, know that the goal of your checkout page is to get your shopper to complete their purchase. This means you can have one Call To Action (CTA) prompting your customer to make a purchase, not making them redirect to other pages.



Around 6% of online shoppers abandon the checkout page due to the lack of payment modes and some 4% are left with no choice but to purchase as their credit card gets declined. So approximately, 10% of the people are having payment-related issues.

And that's considerable, while the majority of shoppers pay with credit cards, many also use other options such as debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even Cash On Delivery (COD).

Having a range of checkout options gives customers the flexibility to pay according to their convenience. So, let the people choose their desired payment mode from the payment options.



While laptops and desktops are the main sources of online sales, more customers are turning towards mobile devices.

79% of smartphone owners have bought something online using their phones in the last six months.

Make sure that your page has been optimized for mobile users, or else you could be missing out on many sales.



The main reason for shopping cart abandonment is the hidden costs. Think like this, you intend to purchase your favorite product, you're about to purchase and you saw the hidden let's say shipping costs.

What will you do? Obviously, at first, you'll become frustrated and leave the plan to purchase the product. You've lost your exact buyers who are likely to make a purchase.

Many eCommerce websites offer free shipping to stop customers from leaving after seeing high shipping costs.

Whatever the costs would be it’s worth being upfront about the charges to avoid surprising the customer at checkout.



It's a checkout page, not a contact or home page. Customers are more likely to leave the page as soon as they make a purchase.

Asking for too much information makes things worse and reduces their excitement. Remember, they need to visit and make a purchase again.

If you ask for too much information or require details that feel too personal, shoppers leave. The fewer fields there are, the faster and easier it is to complete a purchase.

Remove any pop-ups that could distract the customer from completing their purchase.



Maybe they were attracted by your images or found their favorite product, color, or variation on your site.

But when it comes to payment, every customer thinks once before making a purchase because it involves security reasons.

New visitors often doubt the security level of a website. They do not trust a site easily and hence they feel a bit of concern while providing their payment details.

Make visitors feel that your website is trustworthy and their payments are secured by displaying the logos or security badges.



Customers are the key to your e-commerce business, and making them satisfied would be the ultimate goal for you.

By following these six tips, your customers will have a much simpler – and more pleasant – checkout experience, and you’ll see less cart abandonment.

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