Delight Your Customers With This Holiday Season Packaging!

Amazon FBM – Holiday Season Packaging To Delight Your Customers!

Amazon FBM – Holiday Season Packaging To Delight Your Customers!

The year is coming to an end and the holiday season is here already! Bright lights are up, trees are decorated with sparkly ornaments and you can hear carols singing. But what’s most exciting apart from the merry get-together of your family and friends, is the HOLIDAY SEASON SALE! 

You can see banners across shops, with amazing discounts and offers which you can’t miss out on! The same goes for online shopping such as on Amazon, where one can find incredible offers going on throughout the holiday sale.  

This year, Amazon might witness slow sales growth due to the uncertain economic crisis but nevertheless, Amazon sellers are geared up to make profits during the sale. 

Especially Amazon FBM sellers

Amazon FBM sellers have an advantage during these sales since they manage all the aspects of their Amazon selling business independently, especially packaging and shipping. FBM Sellers can use this opportunity to stand out from their competition by providing attractive packaging and shipping benefits. 

Here are some 2022 Christmas packaging tips and trends that will impress your customers. 


Choosing durable & sturdy materials 

Pick packaging materials that are sturdy enough to protect your products from any damage during shipping and delivery.  

Make sure the boxes or materials can hold the weight of your product and tightly wrap your products in paper or sponge if they are fragile.  

Considering how much it takes to wrap it tightly, it shouldn’t be a big hassle for the customers to open the package without damaging the contents. Hence, make it practical and secure enough.  


Selecting designs & colors 

Most customers would return to a brand for more purchases if its packaging is excellent. It is one of the most appealing factors for customers, and it helps them determine how they feel about the brand and its products. 

So, it’s important to consider the visual appeal especially when it comes to packaging products for the holiday sale.  

Choose attractive designs and colors that can convey the theme of Christmas. Keep your brand game strong here, as it can also give your brand a unique identity that will capture consumers’ interest and drive more sales.  

Take inspiration from the latest trends around the holiday season, play around with the designs, and keep them minimal and sleek! 


Being sustainable & environment-friendly 

Sustainability is the new “normal” as a lot of consumers are walking towards the green path. They want eco-friendly and recyclable packaging for their products. 

Avoid using excessive paper or plastic (bubble wrap) to wrap your products securely. Instead, you can try stuffing with old newspapers or recycled packaging to protect your products.  

This works in the long run, protecting the environment as well as in marketing by adopting sustainable practices in consideration of the future.  


Adding a personal touch 

You can add handwritten messages or embellishments that will add a personal touch to your packaging, creating a sense of warmth and joy.  

Delight your customers with little gifts or freebies, because after all, it’s the season of giving! This can also elevate your customer experience, bringing positive reviews and feedback to your business.  

All in all, whatever you decide to do for your holiday packaging, do it with lots of love! 


Pack your products like precious gifts, and delight your customers all the way so they come back for more. This is the best way to be remembered by your customers, especially during this wonderful season, and helps cultivate a good brand image for the long run! 

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