facebookFrom Data to Dollars: The Art of Sourcing with Online Arbitrage Leads

From Data to Dollars: The Art of Sourcing with Online Arbitrage Leads

From Data to Dollars: The Art of Sourcing with Online Arbitrage Leads

Arbitrage is one of the most effective techniques for a seller to start and grow their online business. By optimizing product lists and utilizing valuable information, sellers – even at their beginner stage - can increase their revenue and upscale their business, especially when reselling on Amazon. This article explains in detail how to source products and improve sales with an online arbitrage leads list, pushing your business from data collection to profit generation, effectively turning data into dollars. 

Understanding Online Arbitrage 

Online arbitrage (OA) occurs when sellers purchase items from online retailers at a low cost and resell them on Amazon at a higher price. Your profit is based on the price difference, also known as arbitrage. To succeed, good product sourcing is required. The online arbitrage sourcing list includes a selection of ASINs that are currently profitable. This product list is considered invaluable as it saves a lot of time on research and guesswork. 

How to source products with leads list? 

Before sourcing, you need to know which leads list is beneficial. AMZ Online Arbitrage leads lists are curated by in-house experts, who are Amazon sellers themselves. The list consists of ASIN’s best seller rank and percentage, ROI, estimated sales, net profit and much more. This will enable the seller to get the latest deals in just a few clicks.  

The lists are kept exclusive to limited subscribers, so that the competition is low for the products, ensuring high profits. By accessing the leads management dashboard, subscribers will be able to leverage their selling. 

Understanding Leads Management Dashboard 

By updating the beneficial ASINs constantly on their list, the leads management dashboard keeps you ahead of the competition. It reduces time and effort on manual sourcing and gives access to profitable products, resulting in more returns. 

Sellers can easily assess, access, and manage all their leads in one spot. The dashboard includes a variety of metrics and insights that help with the product selection process. It also provides a direct link to the supplier for sourcing the product locally. 

Some of the prominent features in the dashboard are: 
  • Store details – Name and price quoted by the supplier for the ASIN 

  • Amazon price – Amazon’s current buy box price 

  • ROI – the current investment return of the product 

  • Net profit – Profit per single unit 

  • BSR – Best seller rank and percentage of the ASIN 

  • FBA/FBM Seller – Number of other FBA/FBM sellers selling the same product as competition 

  • Monthly Sales – Estimated monthly sales of the ASIN 

  • UPC/EAN - The UPC or EAN code of the product 

  • Promotion Code – Checks if any promotional offer is available for the ASIN 

  • Shipping notes – Provides the shipping cost and other details from the supplier 

  • Hazmat – Confirms if the product ASIN is under restriction or not.  

The leads management dashboard also lets you access the Keepa graph for product analysis and profitability of the product in just a few clicks.  

Advantages of using AMZ OA Leads list 
  1. Maximize your profit By engaging in the OA lists of AMZ, sellers can increase their profitability to great heights. Having access to limited products with low competition, you can procure products effectively.  

  1. Stress-free sellingAs a seller, researching a product takes a lot of time and effort. Often, the ASINs chosen would not give you any benefit. To avoid this challenge, the leads list will provide guaranteed profitable products that will upscale your business. 

  1. Low competitionWhen sellers use product lists, they can access exclusive products, thereby avoiding competition and propelling their way to success. 

  1. Direct links to supplier AMZ OA lists provide its limited subscribers with a direct link to the supplier for procuring the product locally. This helps the seller streamline their purchase. 


On an overall note, the AMZ OA product sourcing leads list will help sellers unleash their potential effectively in arbitrage e-commerce and gain momentum on their business. Additionally, it will enable them to overcome their challenges of manual product sourcing and build a scalable business. 

By accessing the leads management dashboard, the sellers can analyze and manage their ASINs better, gaining a strong hold on their arbitrage strategies. 

On analyzing the latest trends in the industry, they can effectively select products of high potential and embark on a profitable journey. 

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