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Easy Ways Of Selling Used Products On Amazon - 2022

Easy Ways Of Selling Used Products On Amazon - 2022

People in the Amazon seller community frequently discuss reselling used products through wholesale or retail arbitrage. However, you may also sell used products on Amazon.

Reselling used products as opposed to old products in a room of your house or workplace. Amazon has several restrictions and categories for reselling old products.   


Categories Eligible For Amazon Sales 

For legitimate reasons, Amazon only permits specific kinds of products to be classified as "used." It aims to ensure that the products sold on its website, whether new or used, are safe, legitimate, and match the expectations of customers.

Amazon is not a flea market where you may sell used or preowned products.

The list below highlights Amazon categories that allow used products:

➤ Automobiles and Powersports

➤ Books

➤ Photo & Camera

➤ Phones and Accessories

➤ Electronics for the Home

➤ Household & Garden

➤ Scientific and Industrial

➤ Large Appliances

➤ Music

➤ Instruments of Music

➤ Office Supplies

➤ Outdoors

➤ Personal computers (PCs)

➤ Animal Supplies

➤ Software

➤ Sports

➤ Home Improvement & Tools

➤ Blu-ray, DVD, and video

➤ Computer and video games

➤ Watches


Where Can One Sell The Used Products? 

1.  Social Media Sales

People migrating or moving to a new place may often sell their worn goods for a lower price to lessen their luggage. So, keep an eye out for these kinds of posts on social media, particularly Facebook.


2. Liquidation Board Sale

Liquidation Boards or Liquidation Pallets are excellent resources for selling and buying new or new products.


3. Thrift Stores And Garage Sales 

If you want to sell or buy valuable products, you can visit Thrift Stores or Garage Sales. Barcoded products are considerably easier to deal with since you can immediately ascertain how much you may potentially earn by selling them if you have the right scanning software.


4. In And Around Your House 

Do you want to throw things away? List your moderately used products on Amazon to reclaim some of your expenditure.


How Can One List The Used Products On Amazon? 

The following ways will help you in listing the used products on Amazon

  1. Sign Up as an Amazon Seller: To sell a used product on Amazon, you must first become a Professional Amazon Seller. The Professional account has a set monthly price of $39.99.
  2. Decide how to fulfill orders: You can use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).
  3. Add your products to existing listings: Navigate to sellercentral.amazon.com and click on Inventory → Add a Product, Then click "Apply to Sell" and complete the form.
  4. Create a shipping plan: If you choose FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), you must develop a shipping strategy to transmit your products to Amazon.



You may sell used products on Amazon; however, you are only permitted to sell in particular categories.

Before listing used products on Amazon, make sure you understand the Amazon guidelines and restrictions. Also, remember to use our online arbitrage chrome extension to know about the limitations.

amz blog can provide more information about Amazon sales and category restrictions.

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