The Beginner's Guide to Selling on Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Everything You Need To Know

 Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to make profits on Amazon by reselling?

But first, you should be aware of the competition for your products, right?

If you are aware of the demand and competition for your products, you will be able to plan your selling strategy.

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This will help you understand your competition better.

By the way, do you know what is Fulfillment By Amazon [FBA]?

I'll explain you in detail. Read on here.


Fulfillment By Amazon - An Overview

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service offered by Amazon to help sellers fulfill their customers' orders.

If you take up Fulfillment by Amazon, you need not worry about storing, shipping, and delivering the products to your customers. Because Amazon will do it for you. All you need to make sure of is stocking your products in Amazon's warehouse centers.

You must be pretty aware that Amazon works with third-party sellers. Well, did you know this?

In 2020, half of Amazon's sales came from third-party sellers. And most of those sellers are FBA users.

If you are looking to get into Amazon FBA or learn more about it, you are at the right place. Read on to know the benefits of Amazon FBA, its fees, and how it can help your business.


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Benefits of Amazon FBA :

With Amazon FBA, you get access to all Amazon resources such as fulfillment centers, free two-day shipping, customer service management, and more.


Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Storing inventory can be quite stressful. You have to find a warehouse. The rent of that warehouse should be within your budget. Then you have to make sure your products are safe in the warehouse. If there is an order placed, you have to pack the products carefully by yourself.

But you can blow that stress away when you are an Amazon FBA Seller. Since Amazon takes care of all that, you can focus on other important aspects parts of the business.


Amazon Shipping Service

If you are fulfilling the orders yourself, you might have to incur shipping costs. Sometimes it can be quite expensive. But in the case of FBA, Amazon will collect your inventory, store it, pack it, and ship it.

You can track the movement of your stock or orders. You can also get access to subsidized shipping costs on Amazon Prime. Your products will reach the customers on time as well.

Really helps, right?


Amazon Customer Service

If you are an FBA seller, you need not worry about handling queries and customer returns. Amazon will assist you.

Its 24/7 customer service will handle customer support free of cost. However, you might have to pay a few dollars for specific categories like Returns Processing Fees.


Amazon Prime Logo

The products sold by FBA sellers will feature an Amazon Prime Logo on its product page. This will enhance the brand recognition of your products.

Also, it will pull the loyal customers of Amazon towards your products. This will improve the product's performance and get a wider audience. It can boost your visibility and bring in more sales.


Amazon Product Returns & Refund Processing

Amazon also handles product returns and looks after the refund process for any defective products. Hence, you need not stress about anything if you are an FBA seller.

Amazon's services are always well-organized, professional, and diligent.


Some special programs of FBA as stated by Amazon are :

FBA Small and Light: Reduce the cost of fulfilling orders for low-cost, small, and lightweight FBA inventory.

FBA Subscribe & Save: Offer discounts on eligible FBA products for repeat customers.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Sell from your own or third-party e-commerce sites, with Amazon picking, packing, and shipping to your customers.

FBA Heavy Bulky: Use FBA as a solution for the storage, shipping both curbside and in the Room of Choice, returns, and customer service of your heavy bulky products.


Fees Structure of Amazon FBA :

When you are willing to sell your products through Amazon's FBA, you have to pay certain fees. This includes the Standard seller fees, Fulfillment fees, Inventory Storage fees, and International shipping fees (if you are selling products all over the world).

The fulfillment fees depend on whether the inventory is standard-sized or oversized. It is calculated per unit. It also covers shipping, packing, customer service, and returns costs.

The storage cost will vary with the size and capacity of your inventory. Long-term storage fees are paid for the inventory that is stored in the Amazon fulfillment centers or Amazon distribution centers for a period more of than 365 days.



Selling your products through Amazon FBA has many advantages. However, the level of profit will vary with the type of inventory you sell.

If you do not have enough time or resources to fulfill all the orders yourself, or if you get a lot of orders, you should definitely take up Amazon FBA.

Also, sourcing and researching profitable products need not be a hassle nowadays. With Amazon arbitrage software, you can find good deals that will get you profits in no time!

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