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Hazmat Goods - Everything You Need To Know Before Selling On Amazon

Hazmat Goods - Everything You Need To Know Before Selling On Amazon

Every Amazon Seller would have heard the words, "Hazmat; Dangerous Goods" which need approval to be sold. But have you ever dived deep into it to know what are Hazmat goods? Not yet right!

That's why I've explained more about hazmat products in this blog. Why waiting? Just scroll down. Firstly, let us know what are hazmat goods.


What Are Hazmat Goods?

The term HAZMAT Goods refers to the substances or materials that are regulated and can pose a risk during storage, handling, or transport because they may contain flammable, pressurized, corrosive, or other harmful substances.


What goods come under the label "Hazmat Goods"?

Perhaps you'll be thinking none of this Hazmat topic applies to you, as you don't sell weapons or explosives. But Amazon classifies many goods as Hazmat that aren't what you would normally consider dangerous goods.

When used, stored, or transported incorrectly, electronics that contain batteries, flammable liquids, and many cleaning products can be toxic.


Goods that are labeled as HAZMAT:

Let's know deeply what all the products that will come under Hazmat products.


  • Hats and vests with rechargeable batteries

  • Hat stiffener

  • Apparel stain remover


  • Engine and tire care

  • Interior and paint care

  • Oils and fluids

  • Lead-acid batteries

  • Spillable and non-spillable batteries

  • Airbags


  • Baby grooming and skincare

  • Antibacterial products

Beauty and personal care   

  • Spray deodorants

  • Hairspray

  • Hair colors

  • Hair dyes

  • Perfume

  • Essential oils

  • Self-tanning lotions and sprays

  • Antiseptics and disinfectants

  • Verruca and wart treatments

  • Insect repellents

  • Aftershave treatments

  • Cleaning cartridges (electric shavers)

  • Hair removal solutions and treatments

  • Shaving creams or foams

  • Nail polish


  • Songbooks

  • Magazines with beauty product samples

  • E-books devices, e-readers

Consumer electronics   

  • Powerbanks

  • Cell phones

  • Chargers and batteries

  • Darkroom supplies

  • Speakers

Food and beverages   

  • Aromatic essential oils

  • Products with high alcohol content

  • Foods in pressurized container/aerosol format (e.g., whipped cream)

  • Spirits

Health and Household   

  • Cleansers and cleaners

  • Dishwashing liquids and powders

  • Laundry liquids and powders

Home Improvement   

  • Grills

  • Pest and insect control


  • Cartridges and toners

  • Equipment cleansers

  • Tape, adhesives, and glue

  • Markers, highlighters, pens, and refills

Pet products   

  • Ear and eye care

  • Flea, fly, mosquito, lice, and tick control

  • Itch remedies

  • Deodorizers

  • Aquarium glass cleaners

  • Aquarium water treatments and test kits


  • Light-up shoes

  • Sole and shoe stain remover

  • Shoe polish

Sports and outdoor   

  • Airsoft supplies

  • Camp stoves

  • Hand warmers

  • E-bikes and e-scooters

  • Bike tools and equipment

  • Spillable and non-spillable batteries

  • Life-saving vests


  • Battery-operated toys

  • Arts and crafts

  • Building kits

  • Chemistry sets

  • Painting and repair kits

  • Kits with sprays

  • Crackers

 Video games   

  • Controllers

  • Wireless and Bluetooth headset

  • Game-pads

So make sure you get proper approval before selling these products on Amazon.


Find whether your product is Hazmat with these tips:

Hazardous goods are usually very easy to identify. Your Amazon ASIN will let you know if the product you listed is a Hazmat or not.

Additionally, the manufacturer of the product should provide a Safety Data Sheet that details the product's hazard classifications. Usually, you can find the SDS of the product on the manufacturer's website itself.


How to Sell Hazmat products on Amazon?

It is possible to sell hazmat products using FBA even if the product you're planning to sell is classified as such. The steps need to be followed carefully.  

Confirm that your product can be sold on "Amazon.com". The platform's rules cover most hazmat products, but there are some that are not. Products containing explosive substances, toxic gases, or radioactive materials are prohibited. Ascertain that your product is eligible for FBA sales by checking the ASIN.


How Hazmat goods are stored in FBA centers?

Two categories of dangerous goods are stored and handled safely in the FBA centers: Flammable, and Aerosol.

In your Shipping Queue and Inventory Performance section, you can view your dangerous goods storage limits once you're enrolled in the Dangerous Goods program. At the bottom of the page, you can find flammable storage and aerosol storage limits.

Storage limits for dangerous goods are determined by the performance of the marketplace and the amount of space you actually use. These limits are regularly adjusted based on these metrics. Storage limits are not based on the Inventory Performance Index score.

Contact Selling Partner Support and provide documentation of your need for additional dangerous goods storage. Documentation should include:

  • A list of dangerous goods ASINs

  • Amounts of each ASIN that you intend to ship to fulfillment centers

  • Supporting shipping plans, invoices, and purchase orders

  • Other documents as requested by Amazon

The Fulfillment By Amazon [FBA] measures storage by volume rather than by units and charges separate monthly storage fees for dangerous goods items.

So, Amazon sellers don't worry if your product comes under hazmat. If you don't want to take steps to sell hazmat products, no problem. Still, you can make profits from Amazon.

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