How to Create Amazon FBA Product Bundles?

Product Bundling For Amazon FBA

Product Bundling For Amazon FBA

Have you ever come across product bundles on Amazon?

You must have wondered why Amazon sellers sell product bundles or if they are really profitable to sell.

Well, there's one way to find out! Keep reading. 


What is product bundling?

Product bundling is an idea where different products or services are grouped together and sold as a single unit. They are often referred to as package deals, product kits, etc.

Product bundling help uses most of your stock and increases the sales of individual items. It can be helpful to your business if done the right way.

So, how should you start product bundling on Amazon to increase sales and profits?


Know your product

Without products, you can't make bundles. And finding high-demand profitable products can get tedious.

It involves a lot of time, effort, and money for research. You need to analyze different products and check for good deals on websites. Once you've found the ideal product, you buy and group it with other products to sell on Amazon.

Sounds easy, but it's not. We know how much it takes to find that one ideal product. If it's for one product, imagine how many hours would go to create a product bundle.

That's why we are here to help you.

Let me introduce an online arbitrage software to help you find profitable products.

Amz Online Arbitrage is the ultimate platform for sellers to get the best daily deals amazon. They cater to every seller's needs and provide deal lists of the best products in the marketplace.

All you need to do is visit Amz Online Arbitrage, select the deal list you want, and buy it. The deal list will be delivered to your inbox every weekly morning from Monday to Friday.

You can then buy the products, group them into product bundles as you like, and sell them on Amazon.

You save a lot of time, effort, and money instead of sourcing manually.

Now that you've got great products in hand to sell on Amazon, let's look at how bundling products on Amazon helps.


Why you should bundle products on Amazon?



Bundles usually have a separate UPC (universal product code). This means that they appear as an independent listing on the search results page.

Say, your existing listings appear in search results for certain keywords. Then you can offer a product bundle for the same keywords. This will give you more opportunities for visibility and conversion.



Let's say customers are looking for your product or brand on Amazon.

They come across your product bundle, where you offer their desired products in the bundle. Chances are they'll be more likely to buy your product bundle instead of the single product they were looking for.

This way you can make more sales and profits on your product bundle rather than selling a single product. Your customers are also going to be satisfied that they get to buy a group of products at a good price.



When a customer places an order for different products, you have to pack and ship them individually. This will take up your time and can incur costs on packing and delivery.

By creating bundles, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can rather create a new UPC for bundles that will save you time and logistics costs.



This is a great benefit for Amazon sellers as you know how difficult it is to deal with excess inventory.

Unsold inventory costs money and creates stress, especially if you're considering FBA’s fees for long-term storage.

If you want to cut down costs and sell off your products immediately, product bundles are a great way to do that.

Product bundling creates a win-win situation. Customers get a huge discount while you prevent losses due to slow-moving inventory.



Let’s say that you're selling yoga mats on Amazon. You want to sell mat cleaners, but you’re not sure if your existing customers would buy them.

Bundling products on Amazon allows you to experiment, and expand your product lines. Hence, you don't need to worry about whether the new products will sell or not.



Product bundles are a great way to package up several lower-priced items. It increases the average order value of your business without incurring costs. They appeal to customers easily as customers feel that they are getting more products at a good price.

Simply said, it will attract more buyers without putting in any extra effort, especially if you're starting out.

However, no bundles will work if you don't have a great product on hand. Don't forget to make use of Amz Online Arbitrage to source the right products to create Amazon product bundles.

You can check out the pricing page to know more about the deal lists, pick one, and get started!

For more content and tips on Amazon selling, keep checking amz blog.



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