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How To Identify The Right Products To Sell On Amazon?

How To Identify The Right Products To Sell On Amazon?

Have you considered the Frequently Bought Together section on Amazon? If not, it's time to do that.

As you are aware, Amazon shows products that your buyers also bought in the "Frequently Bought Together (FBT)" section of your listing.

What many sellers don’t realize is that there are ways they can use the “Frequently Bought Together” feature to their advantage.

In this post, we will show you the hacks which you can utilize in the Amazon Frequently Bought Together section.

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Who doesn't love deals, discounts, and promotions for the products they love? Use this to drive traffic to your product page.

How do you do that? Manipulating the “Frequently Bought Together” which helps you to get customers to buy multiple products by creating a promo campaign.

For instance, you might be selling grills and grilling equipment. In this case, you can offer a discount on tools like brushes, tongs, or spatulas whenever a customer purchases a new grill.

Now your customers will be more likely to buy other items (tools) when they purchase the main one (grill) they were looking for.

The more often these products are purchased in the same transaction, the more likely they’ll be paired up as “Frequently Bought Together”.



People like to save time and effort by getting all their shopping done at once and as quickly and easily as possible.

Bundling is a great way to increase sales and also target Amazon’s frequently bought-together algorithm. 

As an Amazon seller, you should pay attention to “Frequently Bought Together” items to understand what types of products people put in their shopping carts at the same time. 

And, as with the previous example, the more people buy the items in the bundle, the more likely Amazon will associate them together for the Frequently Bought Together section.



This strategy can require a lot of work but it's one of the beneficial ways to hack Amazon's frequently bought together section.

Start by searching for the types of products that you sell on Amazon. Then find out what other items customers purchase when they purchase those products.

Contact the sellers and see if they would be interested in cross-promoting your deals. 

Once you get that exposure and the relationship between the two products has cemented, the two should show up on each other’s “Frequently Bought Together” listings. 



Having an Amazon Affiliate Account can make partnerships with other sellers easier.

This brings in revenue when partners help to sell products. Using this commission, you can offer to pay potential partners to put promo inserts into all of their products.

This way they make money from the partnership, and you achieve your goal of getting into their “Frequently Bought Together” section.



35% of all Amazon sales come from algorithm recommendations. The “frequently bought together” feature can be a powerful tool when you use it correctly.

Utilize the above tips and start taking advantage of the Frequently Bought Together feature to drive new customers and increase your sales..

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