Craft Product Descriptions That Convert

How To Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Drive More Sales

How To Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Drive More Sales

Usually, customers browse Amazon, look for the product, and end up making decisions by looking into the reviews.

However, to get an idea of the variations, choices, and differences between the products, they look into Amazon product descriptions.

If you’re an Amazon seller who hasn’t put tons of effort into product descriptions, you’re missing out.

Drafting a great Amazon product description will improve your search rankings and conversions. But how do you write a description that appeals to your audience? In this article, we’ll reveal the tips and tricks to improve your Amazon product descriptions.

Before that, to write a great product description, you need to have a great product in place. How to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon? Read further.


Finding The Right Product

Selling on Amazon may involve so much marketing processes, customer handling, shipping, and a lot more. But, those efforts will lead to failure if you can't able to find a profitable product.

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5 Tips To Write Effective Amazon Product Descriptions  


Before you begin to draft an Amazon product description, determine who your target customer is and why they need to choose your product.

As it is an online platform, customers can't interact with you as they do in local stores. That's why you have to consider their needs, wants, frustrations, and concerns and incorporate them into your copy to boost conversion rates.


2. TONE   

The tone that you use is the key to winning the confidence and trust of your buyers. As stated earlier, you're going to interact with your copy only.

So, choose your tone accordingly which makes the buyer make a purchase decision. Using a communicative tone makes your buyers feel that you really care about them.



Think like a customer, if you've decided to buy a particular seller's clothing and you head to the description to check the variations.

Instead of finding the information you need, you came across just chunks of text, loaded with run-on sentences and typos.

Obviously, you'll leave from that page or from Amazon itself, right? That's why it's important to write a description consisting of a single short paragraph.



Make things lively for your customer. The primary way to do that is by putting the product virtually in the customer’s life.

By stating examples of how to use the product, how it benefits the customer, and how a product can solve their problems, it's easy to make a decision for them.

By putting that into the product description, even those who are quickly scanning the information will know what they are.



Writing great product descriptions is essential, however, you really need to optimize your product copies.

Amazon looks at your product description when deciding whether to rank your product for a specific search.

Also, do your keyword research and use keywords that your target users are most likely to search for your product.



It doesn't have a perfect step-by-step process to create the perfect Amazon product description. However, that description is meant for your buyers and with that, you can even make sales.

So when you start writing the Amazon Product Description, write what is more relevant for your target audience and what makes them buy your product.

Take the time to draft a compelling Amazon product description. Also, if you are doing online arbitrage for Amazon, don't miss the profitable deals lists at Amz Online Arbitrage.

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