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Have you ever wondered why buyers purchase online? As an online seller, it is very important to understand what your customers want, and what influences them to buy it from you.

Let's discuss some of the factors that influence buyers to make purchases so that you can implement them and make great sales.

What makes them buy? Obviously, it's a product. Do you know if your products are profitable or not? How do you source products?

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That's great. Read on to know what influences consumer buying behavior!



Reviews are the great factor that influences your customer and hence it reduces most of your marketing cost.

That's great right. Marketing is done by your existing customers to your potential customers just by expressing their experience with your store.

Nearly 90 percent of people say online reviews—both positive and negative—influence their buying decisions.

That's huge, you need to really take reviews into consideration, there are many ways that you can make your customers leave honest reviews.

Also, you need to provide your customers excellent service, and great quality products, and exceed their expectations to make them leave a review.


Free!! People love offering anything free, but it needs to provide some real value. Free shipping is something that major e-commerce platforms or marketplaces use in order to draw customers.

According to Statista, the most popular reason for U.S. online users to shop via Amazon was FAST and FREE SHIPPING.

But you can't expect someone to purchase your product by just saying "free shipping". If your customers are attracted and need your product, the free shipping factor will work.

After seeing the final price includes shipping costs, they'll more likely to leave without making the purchase.

So, it's better they see the minimum shipping costs or rather free shipping.


Another important factor that makes your customer leave your site without making the purchase. 27% of the shoppers abandoned their cart because the checkout process was too long, so ensure that your checkout process is simple.

Make your order process convenient, and easy for your customers so that they don't end up losing interest and just close the window.


Maybe you can attract your customers with free shipping, offers, gifts, and others, but product information is the deciding factor for your customers.

A study says that more than 50% of shoppers check out ads, videos, or other information about the product before making a purchase.

The product description is the place where you can able to interact with the audience and able to address their questions.

Provide as much information as possible but make sure it's easy to read and not filled with words. Include the key features, factors, and benefits in the description.


Selling online, not ends just by providing products to the customer and getting the money. There's a factor that you need to consider to make your customers happy.

Returns policy!! Everything is visual online, and it's quite difficult for customers to decide and make a purchase.

In fact, a number of customers prefer buying products online considering the easy returns. Amazon, for instance, is a customer-centric e-commerce site that has a great return policy in place. It allows customers 30 days to decide about returns.


Understanding the customer is quite difficult. However, if you really know what they need, you can excel in your business.

Send surveys, interact with customers, know what they want & like, and make a profit.

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