facebookNavigating the Marketplace: Stay ahead of competition with OA Leads

Navigating the Marketplace: Stay ahead of competition with OA Leads

Navigating the Marketplace: Stay ahead of competition with OA Leads

In the world of arbitrage e-commerce, there is always stiff competition in getting the best deals and a lot of time is invested in product search. Online arbitrage occurs when sellers purchase items from online retailers at a low cost and resell them on Amazon at a higher price. By optimizing product lists and utilizing valuable information, sellers – even at their beginner stage - can increase their revenue and upscale their business, especially when reselling on Amazon. 

Optimizing the Online Arbitrage (OA) leads list on Amazon will enable you to accelerate your sales growth and bring in more revenue. In this article, we are going to show you how you can navigate the market and stay ahead of the competition with a few pointers: 

Identifying profitable Products 

The core object of arbitrage is to get the best deals, but this is possible only when you get access to the correct one. Often, even after endless product research, we do not get a satisfiable product. To minimize and eradicate these challenges, the product leads lists help you optimize your selling on Amazon in a relaxed manner  

By leveraging on the in-depth insights provided, you can gain momentum on your selling. All the ASINs compiled are based on profitability, demand, and competition. The prime factor of these leads is that they are accessible to only very limited sellers, which keeps the competition low for high-demand products, thereby enhancing the profitability of the product, and with it increases revenue for the seller. 

Getting to know the Market Trends 

As a seller, it is very important to know the nuances of the market, so that your products do not stagnate in your inventory. When you know the pulse of your buyers, it becomes easier to upscale your business, so you will be selling the right product, at the right time. When you know the trends, you will be able to decipher seasonal favorites and know the demands of buyers.  

Keeping in with the market trends, the product sourcing list will enable you to have access to the ASIN’s metrics such as its ranking and percentage, the offers and variations it has, the net profit it has made, the product’s ROI and many more factors, in just a few clicks, making you stay in the loop. 

Streamlining Operations 

When you keep a systematic approach to your business, it helps you be stress-free at your sales. From sourcing products to managing them, everything needs to be kept in an accurate manner, so that there are no hinderances. The OA leads can help you identify the most required tools and powerful strategies to optimize operations and increase profitability and productivity.  

By streamlining operations, product sourcing becomes easier, enabling you to be ahead of your competitors. Based on strategic decisions, you can boost your sales to great heights. Now let’s see how AMZ OA enriches a seller’s business with their leads list. 

Understanding AMZ OA Leads List 

 AMZ Online Arbitrage, a service that helps you cut the slack when it comes to product research. By searching over 1Million+ products, they compiled a list of profitable products. These lists, curated by in-house experts, who are Amazon sellers themselves, help you gain a strong foothold over your arbitrage business. The ASINs procured are selected meticulously and sellers can get more detailed information of the items by accessing their Leads Management Dashboard. 

Leads Management Dashboard 

Providing unrestricted access for very limited subscribers, the dashboard provides a list of guaranteed profitable products that have high ROI. Sellers can access, manage and assess the leads at one place. Additionally, they get to view in-depth factors of the ASIN that would help them take strategic decisions in shortlisting the item. Some of them are:  

  • Amazon price – Amazon’s current buy box price 

  • ROI – the current investment return of the product 

  • Net profit – Profit per single unit 

  • BSR – Best seller rank and percentage of the ASIN 

  • Monthly Sales – Estimated monthly sales of the product 

  • Hazmat – Confirms if the item is under restriction or not.  

  • Keepa Analytics – Lets you know the historical data of the ASIN 

By leveraging on these prominent factors, a seller will be able to analyze the product and stay ahead of competition efficiently. 


In summary, the product leads will provide sellers valuable resources in procuring the best deals. With the lists, they can overcome several challenges and stay ahead of competition. AMZ OA lists help a seller to know the various metrics of an ASIN in-depth, helping them take strategic decisions.   

By accessing the Leads Dashboard, they can gain momentum on various factors. The powerful lists help navigate industry obstacles and pave a successful way for sellers, looking to unleash their full potential in the competitive arbitrage market and rule the e-commerce world.

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