The Deal Dashboard Is Here: Never Miss an Opportunity Again

NEW FEATURE: View All Your Deals In One Dashboard

NEW FEATURE: View All Your Deals In One Dashboard

One great piece of news for all the Amazon Sellers! Your dearest Amz Online Arbitrage has introduced an amazing feature for you!! Eager to know what it is?

Now, you need not check your inbox to get the deals!! Just go to our NEW DASHBOARD and get your favorite deals in one view. 

Wanna know more about it? Let's dig deeper.


Features of our dashboard:

Complete Deals List

On our dashboard, you can find the complete deals list that has been served to you. In that, you have two columns viz, Today's Deals and All Deals.

In Today's Deals, you can find the deals of the day, based on your plan. In All Deals, you can find the deals that have been served to you so far.

If a product has been deleted, it will be automatically removed from the All Deals page.


Product Details

In our dashboard, you can get all the details about your product lead. It comprises, 

Store name

Store Price

Amazon price

Net Profit



FBA Seller

FBM Seller

ASIN of the product

Estimated Monthly Sales

90 days rank

Product Image

UPC/EAN of the product

Hazmat of the product.


FBA Calculator

With our FBA calculator, you can estimate your product's ROI, and Net profit easily. All you have to do is add our Amz Online Arbitrage Multi-Tool extension to your Chrome and sign in with your email ID.

Automatically, you can witness the FBA calculator on the dashboard itself. Also, you can enter your additional fees manually, so that you can estimate your profit based on your preference. This profit is calculated after deducting your additional fees.


Amazon Restrictions

You can guess the restriction of your product on our dashboard itself. It will be predicted based on your Seller Account. To enable this feature, you have to install our Amz Online Arbitrage ASIN Checker to your Chrome and sign in with your Amazon Seller Central Account.


Keepa Graph

Below the product details, you can find the "View Graph" option. If you click it, you can find a Keepa Graph of your product. With this graph, you can track the Sales Rank history and Price history of the product.



You can find this filter option in the top right corner of the product page. In this filter, you have many options like Plan, ROI, Price, and Profit. Based on these filters, you can sort your deals list. 

If you've purchased more than one plan, you can select your plan here to get the list.


Category Dropdown

Who will say no to segregation based on categories? Yes. That's why we developed an option called "Category Dropdown". You can find your favorite category deals by clicking here.


Deals Average Overview

You can find this part at the top of the page. This part represents the overall ROI, Net profit, Estimated Monthly Sales, and Rank of Today's deals.

With this, you can find the overall overview of today's deals.


Profit Estimator

Here, you can find the profit you can earn by selling 10 pieces of the hot-selling deal of the day. With this profit estimator, you can guess your awesome profits.

This profit estimator is calculated based on probability. You may witness different profits from the mentioned one, based on the changes in the Amazon stores.



We're always eager to hear your feedback. But at the same time, we can understand your busy schedule. That's why we've placed the like and dislike buttons. If you love our deals, you can simply give a "like". Your like is our growth!


One-Click Redirection

With just a click you can visit the product's Amazon page and the store page. So, no more worries about searching for the product's link.  


Search your products

No need to search for your favorite product by scrolling. You can just go to any of your favorite products by searching for them.



You can find the products that you've bookmarked as "Purchased" here.



Don't miss your favorite product and search for it later. Just add it to your Wishlist and save it for later reference.


User Account

Set up your User Account for Amz Online Arbitrage Dashboard and edit it as per your requirements.

This is a new innovation from our side to facilitate easy selling on Amazon for you. 

If there is any issue in the dashboard, please let us know, so that we can correct it and give you a better experience and service.

Reach out to Amz Online Arbitrage for any queries.

For more updates and tips on Amazon selling and online arbitrage, check out amz blog.



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