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Online Arbitrage: Best Selling Categories in Amazon Q4

Online Arbitrage: Best Selling Categories in Amazon Q4

Amazon’s Fourth Quarter (Q4) is here already and you can see that it’s a stressful period for most sellers. Amazon sellers are looking to supercharge their sales, sell off all their seasonal or advent stock before the new quarter, and try to make profits, especially in this uncertain economic situation.  

However, over the last few weeks, we have witnessed a steady growth in sales in Amazon online arbitrage, especially in these categories. 

Now, you are wondering why you should be knowing this when the quarter is nearly over. Well, it’s not over yet and there’s time for the Christmas sale. 

Let’s take a look at these categories which have brought increased sales this Q4.  


Toys & Games 

This is one of the most popular categories to sell in Q4, especially this time being the holiday season. Products that come under toys and games sell fast during the quarter, since many people would buy toys for their children, family, and friends.  

Hence, sellers come up with a lot of offers and discounts for this category to bring up sales. So, if you are wondering which category products would sell fast and get you profits, this is the one.  

As popular as it is, there are a few downsides to selling this category. In some places like the US, you need additional documents and approval to sell certain brands of toys and games.  

Moreover, you’ll find that some of them belong in the restricted brands on Amazon but that needn't stop you. You can ungate them with The Funnel Guru easily and get approval to sell on Amazon.  


Beauty & Personal Care 

With the rise of skincare and beauty trends on the Internet, many Amazon sellers opt to sell beauty & personal care products at lower rates in the market.  

The booming beauty industry gives a lot of advantages to sellers as it is really easy to source products under this category. You can easily find a lot of good deals in this category, even on online arbitrage websites

However, there might be a catch. Some of the products might come under the private label (PL) brands. The issue is that while selling products of PL brands, you might receive an Intellectual Property (IP) claim.  


Home & Kitchen  

The Home & Kitchen category allows you to explore different options such as home décor, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. You can choose from the diverse subcategories and get online arbitrage deals easily.  

There is also less competition for this category compared to the others since it has a variety of options.  

On the other hand, most of the products might be fragile or difficult to handle which can be risky during shipping and delivery. If the product is damaged during either, you’ll have to incur losses for the same.  


Fashion – Boys, Girls, Men & Women 

Similar to Toys & Games, the products under the category can be potential items to give as gifts to your loved ones. Since there are diverse options such as clothing, shoes, accessories, etc that fall under this category, there is less competition here.  

However, you must be careful and thorough when listing the item since they can have a lot of variations in color, size, etc. Keep in mind that you have to be detailed while listing out the attributes so that the customers don’t get confused and ask for a refund for the product. 

You can also use Keepa to find out the product’s sales history and which variation of it sell better comparatively. Being informed of the price history and sales rank of the item will help you determine good online arbitrage deals.  



If there’s one place where people shop for electronic gadgets, it’s Amazon. There are a lot of options for sellers to choose from for their online arbitrage, from mobile phones to air pods.   

During this holiday season, most people look to buy audio and visual electronics such as headphones, speakers, decorative lights and bulbs, etc. Amazon sellers can use this opportunity to sell the best-selling products at competitive prices. 

Keep analyzing using the Keepa graph to get an idea of the best profitable products you can sell in the rest of Q4.  


You can sign up with Amz Online Arbitrage where you’ll get a Keepa graph and FBA calculator to check and decide the products for your online arbitrage. Amz Online Arbitrage also offers the best deals so that you don’t have to take up too much time manually sourcing leads. 

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