The Ultimate Showdown: Online Arbitrage vs Retail Arbitrage

Online Arbitrage or Retail Arbitrage - Which Is The Best?

Online Arbitrage or Retail Arbitrage - Which Is The Best?

Hey Amazon Sellers! You know what? Amazon's 70% of revenue is contributed by third-party sellers. Those sellers who source products through arbitrage and are planning to resell them on Amazon take up two different models: ONLINE ARBITRAGE & RETAIL ARBITRAGE.

However, some of you may have been confused, about which is the best one! To solve all those mysteries we've drafted this blog.

By the end of this blog, you can come to a conclusion about your arbitrage business. Also, we have a secret solution hidden in this blog, to solve all your hassles



Reselling through arbitrage requires that reseller research and gather information about a product's selling price before making a purchase. By comparing prices in different markets, the reseller can maximize profit.

As part of this model, the reseller usually doesn't pay for minimum orders, and merchandise is usually paid upfront.

Sellers are increasingly using arbitrage for Amazon to resell their products. It is common for Amazon sellers to find cheaper alternatives to Amazon prices at retail stores or online stores. Scanners are not widely used to identify profitable inventory.

In these cases, sellers go with two options: One is Online Arbitrage, and the other is Retail Arbitrage.



Arbitrage gives you the option of choosing or sticking to one method at a time. It is more convenient to use both methods simultaneously or as needed. However, it varies with the level of investment you are ready to put into the business.


The idea behind online arbitrage is to buy a product online, for a lower price and sell it for a higher price.

Online arbitrage is simple and convenient, and it can be done from your home. Marketplaces like Walmart might have some popular products that can be listed on Amazon at a decent markup.

Shipping and other fees have to be paid for each item sold. Profit is minimal. Your e-commerce business can begin from the ground up if you increase sales and build a strong customer base. As well as established e-commerce businesses, we also see established companies using online arbitrage when running out of stock or wanting to expand their product range.


Another simple concept is retail arbitrage on Amazon. Retail stores are where you find products, purchase them, and then sell them more expensively. This will make you money.

It will be a bumper shot for the retail arbitrage sellers when a store goes into liquidation. Because, at the time of liquidation, the stores will sell the products at a very low price for clearance. Merchants can sell those items at a higher price on Amazon.



  • In the case of online arbitrage, you've to source profitable products from many online stores. In retail arbitrage, you can get the products at a lower rate, if you have a business connection with some particular retail stores.

  • In online arbitrage, you can get more cash-backs and discount coupons than on retail arbitrage. As you're sourcing on many online stores, your options for discounts are wide. Comparatively, the choice of discounts is low in retail arbitrage.

  • You can analyze your competition when you do online arbitrage. In the case of retail arbitrage, analyzing your competition is quite challenging.

  • In both business models, you can adopt Amazon FBA Arbitrage, which cuts the tedious tasks like shipping, packaging, customer service, and handling customer returns.

  • You can start both these business models with minimal capital, then private labeling and wholesalers.

Well, in my point of view, an Amazon seller can do both businesses at the same time as these business models are suitable only for the short term.

You can split up your capital and invest them so that you can earn double profits at the same time. Well, you need not search for profitable products anywhere.

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