Tips for Amazon Sponsored Products Optimization



Hey Amazon sellers! Are you planning to run ads on Amazon?

Do you want to get better leads through Amazon ads?

In that case, you should have some points in mind and I have listed a few of them.

The main step before running ads is finding profitable products right? Because no one loves to spend more on products that have low ROI.

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AmzOnlineArbitrage will give you a list of products that have a minimum ROI of 40%.

Sounds great right? Then why second thought? Just take up a free trial!

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Now let me list out quickly the tips to create productive ads for reselling on amazon.

#Tip 1 

Always use a long-tail keyword. When we look from a customer perspective, a potential buyer will always search for a specific product.

For example, an intent buyer searches for a "wooden chopping board for the kitchen" rather than just "chopping boards". 

So you should be more niche when you form the keywords for running ads. Let me tell you the reason.

If your keywords are more specific to their wants, your customer will have a higher purchase intent. And an added advantage is, your competition will be less for long-tail keywords.

#Tip 2

Don't ignore negativity! LOL! I meant the negative keywords. Never ignore them. 75% of sellers don't concentrate on negative keywords, because they are unaware of their advantages.

You know what? It is one of the most effective cost-cutting techniques when you are running ads.

Some products may have numerous keywords. Instead of running ads concentrating on each keyword, you can better list out the negative keywords. It will surely decrease your level of competition.

I'll show it with an example. If your product is shoes, your keywords are leather shoes, heeled shoes, formal shoes, etc. But you wouldn't want to rank for sports shoes.

So you can add that to the negative keyword. This will reduce the cost incurred on ad campaigns and will niche the product.

#Tip 3 

You can use sponsored brands to increase the brand awareness of your product. They are very supportive of promoting multiple products.

Sponsored ads generally appear at the top of Amazon search results. So they will alter the buyer's decision.

And don't forget to concentrate on the product description! Because sponsored brands can make the buyers visit our product page. But when it comes to attracting buyers, "Product description" is the trump card.

You can also add a boost to the custom headline, and your logo, and send the traffic to your storefront and product listing page, to improve the performance of the ads.

#Tip 4

Now, let's assume that you are running ads for your product. Don't you need to analyze your ad's performance?  The Amazon ad placement report will give a helping hand to you.\

Ads will never perform the same right? You have to monitor it continually and make necessary changes in your campaign according to the trend.

In recent days, Amazon has expanded the options so that you can get more access to check your ad performance.

#Tip 5

Sponsored products are comparatively costly, right? So you have to be more careful when you adopt that strategy.

The most important thing you must research is your target audience.

You should be aware of who your audience is, their tastes and preferences, their potential, and the time they skim Amazon.

To make it clearer, I'll give you an example.

A homemaker will search for grocery products, mostly by the end of the month.

A businessman will skim for the products in his leisure time.

An office goer will skim the products in the late evenings. This is applicable in most cases.

So know your audience and plan your campaigns accordingly. Always aim to satisfy their WANTS, not the NEEDS. 

Also, don't forget to try Amz Online Arbitrage to find numerous products that have great product-level profitability.

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