Revealing 5 Strategies To Find Your Customers' Pain Points!

Revealing 5 Strategies To Find Your Customers' Pain Points!

You know every product or service is designed with the notion of fulfilling a particular need.

So, do you consider your customers' needs before selling a product? Does the product solve your customer's pain point?

Customer pain points are specific problems experienced by your target audience. Using these pain points, you can get products that your customers need or expect.

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Now, let's see how we can identify and understand our customer's pain points.


How To Identify Your Customers' Pain Points?


1. Surveys

Many customers ignore surveys because of the endless questions asked in the form. They might also be asked to sign up with their email address to receive a sheer amount of offers, coupons, and newsletters.

Some customers dislike this and its' best to not make them uncomfortable when you are looking to learn their pain points.

You can find ways to offer surveys to customers who genuinely want to tell you what they think.

After all, asking customers how they feel and what they want will give you significant insight into customer pain points.

Design a survey with the right mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. It's best to keep it short and ask only what you would like to know.

You can send this survey to your potential customers, existing users, and subscribers.


2. Welcome Email

Even now there's a great debate going on, about whether email marketing is worth it or not. But it can be an effective marketing tool if used rightly.

Start communicating with your new customers by sending them a welcome email. It will show them that you are interested in them and value their presence.

Make sure to ask an open question about their expectations for your product or company.

This will help you find out what the customer really wants and hence you can make improvements accordingly.



To know your audience you need to know their search terms first. Search terms or keywords are good indicators of knowing what customers are looking for.

Go to Google, type in your main keyword, and see what questions come up in the “People also ask” box.

You can find question-based search queries at AnswerThePublic. You can also browse topics and questions on Quora, Reddit, and other Q&A platforms.

Focus on recent posts or questions to ensure pain points are still relevant to your audience.



Social networks are the most popular places for people to share experiences and ask for help.

Whether they’re dealing with customer service issues, slow shipping, or any other challenges, they'll share it on social media platforms.

Take your time to research and find out what your prospects are interested in or frustrated by. You can also answer them on the same platform, convincing them how your product/service can help them better.



Reviews are a great way to discover customer pain points that you might not have thought of. You can not only find what they expect, or what frustrated them but also find the minor problems that you never consider into account.

You can check the reviews of your competitors as well, to understand how you can help those customers as well.

This will help you figure out how you can improve your product/service where those businesses are letting customers down.

Also, make sure to deal with negative reviews in the right way that it helps your business and customers.



Solving a pain point is a great way to ensure a satisfied, and repeat customer. Yet, finding them can be difficult, hence do your research and not just assume to know what your target audience wants.

Pay attention to every piece of feedback they give on your product and service and make improvements accordingly.

Therefore, you can ensure 100% customer satisfaction and positive feedback. This will boost your business in the long run.

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