If you want to get visibility and increase your sales, you need to understand your buyer's journey.

With consumers currently making half of their purchases online, it’s important to ensure that your e-commerce site addresses the buyer's journey.

Some start their search to find out the solution for their problem, some search for the products straight away.

To know about these and to convert that customer, you’ll first need to understand who they are and how they’re approaching a problem.

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That's great. Now let's dive into the buyer's journey to understand the process better.



This is the initial stage of your buyer's journey where the buyer has any idea about what your company is, what you offer, and how it can benefit them.

In the awareness stage, the customer knows they have a problem and are actively looking for a solution to solve it.

While in this stage, they won't make a search with the intention to purchase, they search with the different search terms or looking for clues about what their problem might entail.

In that case, while randomly browsing through the internet, they'll land up in content that provides information about your product.

During the awareness stage, it’s important to create content that is informational and not promotional. When creating content, try to use headlines and key phrases with what buyers would be searching for.


Now, your customers become a little more educated about what they’re looking for and they can start to dig a bit deeper into which solution would fit them best.

Notice, in this stage your buyer will have a clear idea of what they’re looking for and will be looking for a product or service to meet that need.

To find the best fit, they will start analyzing your competitors, reviews, and alternatives to arrive at a purchase decision.

Focus on customer satisfaction aspects such as on-time delivery, user experience, after purchase support, etc.

Provide content such as e-books, how-to guides which not only educate your audience while simultaneously collect your lead data.


Finally your customers will land in the final stage, now buyers have a clear idea of exactly what they’re looking for, it’s time to convince them that your company is the best option for them.

To accomplish that you need to focus on product pages, case studies, customer success stories, product comparisons, etc.

After going through the process of identifying the problems and finding solutions, your customer likely to swipe the card.

And that's where you need to make your checkout process simple and make their purchase process easy.


This is the crucial and important stage as the previous stages. Once a buyer makes a purchase, that doesn’t mean that their buyer's journey is over.

They are your existing customers and they have the power to attract your potential customers. To make this possible, you need to connect with your audience through email, newsletters, feedback forms, and chat support.

Ask them to share feedback and make sure they're satisfied with your product as well as post-sales service.


Every businesses need content for every stage of the buyer’s journey and hence you need to carefully consider those stages.

Knowing what people are looking for, and at which stage of the buyer's journey they’re in can help you to create great content which in turn you can make great sales.

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