How To Use Long-Tail Keywords For Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns?

The Best Strategy For Amazon PPC Campaigns - Long Tail Keywords

The Best Strategy For Amazon PPC Campaigns - Long Tail Keywords


Though you're a master of SEO and finding suitable keywords, Amazon's Algorithm is quite different when compared to Google's Algorithm.

Many sellers are aware of only sponsored ads for promoting their products and improving their SEO organically on Amazon. However, using a proper keyword for your ad and product description will help you to rank higher and get more conversions.

Confused about how to optimize Amazon PPC Ad campaigns? Well, LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS are the best choice.

Want to know more about them? Then I'll explain to you!


Long-tail keywords

It is nothing but a phrase that has three to five words. When people go search for a particular product, they'll proceed with long-tail keywords.

These are far different from generic keywords so they allow you to target niche. They have a minimalistic competition which is a reflection of the way general people make queries about a product.

       Example :  

  • SHORT-TAIL KEYWORD --> Women's Jacket

  • LONG-TAIL KEYWORD --> Pink Fur Jacket For Women  


Pros of Amazon PPC Long-tail Campaign Strategy:

Minimal Competition

In the case of keyword bidding, long-tail keywords generally have little to no competition because most people will not go for similar specific keywords, as the taste of each customer differs.

Due to the highly targeted nature of these keywords, only a few relevant products will appear in the search results, allowing those products to be exposed.


Higher Conversion Rates

In the search bar of an e-commerce site, passively scrolling users are likely to enter broad terms.

Even though these words could simply be "sunglasses," or "running shoes," people who intend to really buy something will take the time to enter long search terms to improve their chances of finding what they are looking for. You can use keywords such as "pink eyeglasses for women," and "best running shoes for kids".


Comparatively Cheaper

Bidding on long-tail keywords is not very competitive since there is little competition. Consequently, these keywords are easy to rank at a lower cost.

The amount of the ad campaign calculated by dividing the overall advertisement costs by the number of sales will be affected by a low bidding price, which will affect both the cost-per-click (CPC) and advertising cost-per-sale (ACoS).


Different Ways To Find Long-tail Keywords:

From a generic keyword, an infinite number of long-tail keywords can be derived. Researching the commonly used phrases and keywords will be crucial to a smart long-tail Amazon PPC campaign. You can do this in various ways:


Take it from Google

If you've used Google's search bar, you've probably noticed that when you enter a word, a couple of suggested words pop up. The terms suggested here are highly-searched ones that are relevant to your keyword.

It's still an external data source, so even though it's the easiest trick, you shouldn't rely exclusively on it. Search suggestions from Google may not always be relevant to your business since they are gathered from across the internet.


Make use of the historical data   

You can use historical data from your website or product pages for a more specific and grounded source of long-tail keywords. You can see which product categories are attracting the most traffic to the website and which pages are being visited the most.

There may be four shirt listings, but only one is searched for or clicked (for example, the red shirt is the most clicked out of the four). Consequently, the red shirt is more likely to sell.


Give a try to the tools  

To aid in keyword research, you can use a variety of online tools and applications. As an alternative, if you do not feel confident about conducting keyword research, you can hire a professional to plan, run, and manage your campaign.

Before running a successful ad campaign, you have to be meticulous while selecting your product. Because your choice of the product plays a major role in fetching profit. If you choose an unworthy product, though you make them organically optimized, that product will not get more searches.


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