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Turn Amazon Product Returns Into Profits With These Pro Tips

Turn Amazon Product Returns Into Profits With These Pro Tips

As an Amazon Seller, the most annoying news for you will be PRODUCT RETURN. But it is certainly unavoidable. Of course, it's the reversal of a successful transaction.

Furthermore, you would have also experienced product return fraud and additional returns management costs. There is still plenty of money to be made in these products even when they've been returned.

A significant amount of products that are bought on Amazon are returned - in casual apparel it's 12-18%, in electronics it's 15-20%, and in high fashion apparel, it's almost 35% - so the Amazon returns process economy is not insignificant at all.

It forms an important subsystem of products that move against the flow. Likewise, product returns amount to an enormous chunk of capital.

Until you start running out of space to store new products, the returned product pile in your warehouse is generally neglected. Your business might lose significant profits when you handle returns this way.

This means you are not only losing out on profits from the returned products, but also on the cost of storage.



Find The Reason

Follow these steps to analyze the reason for returns:

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account.

  • Under the Reports column, choose Fulfillment, then Customer Concessions, and then click on Returns.

  • We used to run the report for 30 to 60 days, depending on the period the items were returned.

  • Find the items in question in the report, and figure out the reason given for the return.

All your returns will not show up on the report due to some reasons. If your item is not recorded on the report, raise a ticket with Amazon Seller Central and find out the reason for the return.


Don’t Let Them Pile Up 

If you want to handle this effectively, don't pile up the returned products. When the pile grows bigger, the situation will worsen and it will become tougher to handle. Keep them moving with the Amazon returns process as soon as possible.

Ensure that the returned products move to the next step by keeping track of the returned products or delegating staff to do so. As soon as they arrive or at least periodically, this should be done.


Remove The Labels And Markings 

Remove the LPN stickers and any other identifying labels from the products that are returned to FBA.

As the customer would not know what the labels are for FBM products, it may not be necessary. However, remove them all to be safe!


Product Relisting 

Some items will be returned without any damage, in fact in brand-new condition. In such cases, it should be sold on Amazon as new. Returns that are used must be tested and graded, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Normally, you'll receive an Amazon product return if the items that were returned are intact because the customer had a change of heart. Re-listing the product on Amazon is the most convenient option in such a case.

In order to maximize profits, you must make your product listings appear higher on search engine results pages and make them appealing to new customers.



There are many challenges Amazon sellers face, including product malfunctions, missing parts, damaged packaging, and expired merchandise.

There are two options if you have a really damaged product - either you can ship it back to the manufacturer or the manufacturer may extract spare parts from the product and shred the rest. You can also take action by yourself!

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