The Six Metrics That Matter When Sourcing Amazon Products

6 Metrics To Check When Looking For A Product To Sell On Amazon

6 Metrics To Check When Looking For A Product To Sell On Amazon

Many of you will have a confusion about how to find the perfect product that can fetch you enormous profits from Amazon FBA! That's why I've drafted six metrics through which you can find a profitable product to sell on Amazon.


Do keyword research

Keyword research is very essential, not only for SEO but also for finding top products on Amazon. Finding out what sells best on Amazon can be determined from a search result. Entering random keywords or specific products will bring up the search results.

Having a reasonable volume of the product can reassure you about its future prospects. In order to consider that product, the monthly search volume should be at least 100,000.

Using this method will help you to identify which product out of the two has the strongest financial foundation. Several products that you find suitable for Amazon pitching can be researched the same way.


Durable items

Durable items are bestsellers on Amazon. It is the best choice for newbies too. It is a smarter choice to select products with a minimum challenge at the initial stage. Items such as mirror furniture, vases, scenery, etc are very fragile.

Your first attempt would not be a good one if customers complained about damaged products. It is even worse if it is drop shipped or sent through Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon, as you cannot even improve shipping. Managing your own inventory and shipping is the only way to control them.


Keep an eye on the shipping cost

Shipping cost is the major thing that eats 3/4th of your profit. So go with products that are less in weight and small in size. Thus you'll induce a less shipping cost.

Lightweight and small products are easier to ship, less likely to be damaged during transit, and more cost-effective when you are looking for reliable products. Also, you can ship these products via air freight, which means they reach the warehouse faster, allowing you to begin selling them as soon as they arrive.

Shipments that are large in volume or that are heavy or bulky usually require ocean freight. Weather/humidity fluctuations can cause delays in shipment, also raising the likelihood of products getting damaged.


Don't ignore the BSR

BSR is the indicator that gives you information regarding how well a product is selling on Amazon currently. An item can have more than one BSR, as many products sell in multiple categories on Amazon.

Amz Online Arbitrage provides the best OA Leads lists with products that are below 200K BSR.


Learn from the experts

Reading the success stories of the experts will give you an idea and a detailed analysis of the market trends and helps you to address the problems with a promising solution.

Check out their failure stories. The lessons we learn from failure far outweigh the lessons we learn from success. Become familiar with the strategies of successful sellers by reading their books.

Discover all the products they pitched, why they chose them, and how they made money from them. Pay special attention to what makes their product stand out from the competition.

Always stick to products that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Keep a profit margin of 25-35%

  • Products which has at least 30 reviews are recommended

  • BSR under 200k

  • Go with light-weighted, durable products.

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Evaluate profitability

Always analyze the profitability of a product before choosing it. You should be able to guess how much profit you can earn from that product even after deducting the costs.

While selecting a product, get an estimate after deducting,

  • Inventory cost

  • Custom duties and taxes

  • Shipping cost

  • Inspection fees

As an Amazon Seller, you should be aware of the fees and costs you'll incur. This will help you to evaluate the profitability of the product you choose.



You have to be cautious while choosing a product, as they are the prime essential for Amazon business. If you make a mistake there, the result will be very costly. You have to induce a huge loss.

Rather than taking this risk, why don't you switch to Amz Online Arbitrage, which gives you the most promising product deals at the lowest price in the market?

Make a wise decision today! Enjoy profits tomorrow!

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