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Amazon A10 Algorithm : What You Should Know About It

Amazon A10 Algorithm : What You Should Know About It

Amazon's search engine is similar to that of Google's — both are designed to provide the most relevant search results to the user on the first page. They have a ranking system that ranks the products higher based on their own algorithm. Likewise, Amazon has its own search algorithm that ranks products based on several factors.

In this article, let us discuss what the amazon search algorithm is, as well as the factors that influence its ranking system and updates to the algorithm.

Amazon Search Algorithm – A Recap 

Amazon's search algorithm is a complex ranking system that determines the quality and relevancy of the content against a given search query. This algorithm is focused on the user experience and prioritizes sales metrics and conversions.

They rank the product listings with the user's previous purchase history as well as the high conversion rate obtained. These algorithms are always updated to deliver the most accurate search results for a given query.

Before we delve deep into the new A10 algorithm, let's first understand the previous A9 algorithm and the changes made to update it.

Amazon A9 Algorithm:  

Amazon A9 refers to the official ranking system created by the company to determine how to rank the products in their search engine result pages. It analyses the product listings based on two factors — relevance and performance.


The ranking system looks at the keywords mentioned in your product listings and analyses whether they are relevant to the user's search query. Based on the relevancy of keywords, the products are ranked to provide the best accurate results.


A9 algorithm relies on the sales performance history to determine the ranking of the products on the first page. It is also influenced by other performance metrics such as sales velocity, CTR, conversion rate, reviews, etc.  

What's New In The Algorithm? 

Though not made official, the A10 algorithm is an update to the A9 algorithm. The A10 algorithm has a lot of changes in the ranking system compared to A9, especially when it is designed to focus more on the customer experience.

There are several factors that you should consider if you want to rank better using the A10 algorithm.

1. Keyword-Optimizing Your Product Listing 

To rank your product listings better, it is important to optimize the listing using relevant and well-researched keywords. Instead of stuffing the product description or title with them, rather curate them with suitable and interesting phrases that will capture your customers' attention. Also, make sure the keywords used help explain your product features well.

2. Off-site Traffic & Sales 

Off-site sales and traffic enable your products to get more external visibility. By using tools such as Facebook Ads or any other PR platform that can market your products, you can receive off-site traffic and sales that will boost the product rankings as well.

3. Reviews and Impressions 

Reviews are the best way to increase user-generated traffic for your product listings. They help promote the relevancy and the ranking of the product listings. Another way is by partnering with influencers or affiliate programs, who can link back to your products, thus getting more views to your listings.

Therefore, by gaining more impressions and solid reviews, you can boost the organic ranking of your products better.

4. Click-Through-Rate and Conversion Rate 

CTR: The ratio of customers who click on your products to the number of impressions generated.

Conversion Rate: The ratio of customers who viewed your product to customers who bought the product.

To rank higher, it is important to take care of these metrics and ensure that they are constantly increasing.

5. Amazon PPC Advertising 

Though Amazon's PPC campaigns are not a quick way to boost your rankings, they can help you in the long run. With proven research, it is best to implement PPC campaigns when you want to launch a new product.

Otherwise, by expanding your budget and using off-site advertising tools, you can gain additional traffic to your product listings.

From this discussion, evidently, the new A10 algorithm aims to focus on the customer experience by with the help of user-generated traffic such as reviews and impressions, as well as performance metrics that can boost the organic ranking.

To increase your product rankings, it is best to optimize your listings well and ensure that abundant traffic is generated both off-site and on-site.

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