facebookCan Lightning Deals Boost Your Sales?

Can Lightning Deals Boom Your Sales?

Can Lightning Deals Boom Your Sales?

Ever heard of lightning deals?

You must have seen them on the deals page with offers that stand for a limited time frame.

Can these lightning deals boost, or in our slang, "boom" your sales?

Let's find out!!


Amazon Deals

Amazon started offering deals on products for a long time, around the first Amazon Prime Day when amazon.com went live. They have launched a lot of deals and offers since then, such as Black Friday, Lightning Deals, etc., to build their customer base and reputation.

These deals also have an added advantage for Amazon sellers as they can use this opportunity to bring in exposure and traffic to their brand, increasing sales and revenue.

Reselling on Amazon is another category, most commonly followed by Amazon Sellers. Here all it takes is to source the best products/deals and resell them on Amazon. But it's not that simple since there is always heavy competition in the vast online marketplace.

However, now it's easier to find the best deals on the Amazon marketplace for reselling. We'll come to more about that later.


Lightning Deals 

Amazon Lightning Deals are flash-sale offers that last for a limited duration of time.

These deals stay live for typically 4-6 hours, sometimes even extending to 12-24 hours maximum. The short ticking timeframe encourages the customers to act quickly and purchase the product before the deal runs out. This is one of the major factors behind the deals' popularity, and why customers often check them out.


So, how do lightning deals boost your sales? 

The deals page on Amazon is one of the most frequented pages by customers, who regularly check in to see if there are offers/discounts on products they can grab.

As a seller, you will have to sacrifice profit for discounting your products, but what better reward than bringing more exposure and visibility to your products. It is a good way to market your brand, especially if you are a new Amazon seller.

Besides increasing product-specific visibility, lightning deals can also bring in an influx of customers to your page even after the end of the deal. This results in what is called a halo effect, where the product's visibility lasts throughout the deal and even after the deal is over, enabling more traffic from clicks, customer reviews, and purchases.  

The increased traffic incites a long-term sales velocity and organic ranking for your products on Amazon. Sellers often use this opportunity to accelerate their sales during events, like Prime Day and Black Friday.

Lightning deals appeal to customers a lot, especially financially-savvy customers who rely on such offers to buy products they want. With a promotion or discount attached to the product, it invites customers into purchasing the product, thus boosting sales.

With the help of lightning deals, sellers can expect to receive 2-4 times their regular sales, increasing profits and ranking products better, even after the deal ends. But, it is important to consider the budget and overall sales goal, since it comes at a cost when promoting a lesser price for the product.

Lightning deals can also help you reduce or clear out excess inventory. Many sellers find this a way to clear out end-of-season products or merchandise to make way for new ones.

If you are also looking to avoid long-term storage fees on excess inventory, lightning deals can be an ideal way to sell off your products easily. You can save a lot of long-term storage fees while clearing out inventory space to bring in your new products.

All in all, lightning deals are a great way to increase sales at a discounted price and help you to clear out inventory quickly. The attractive and time-sensitive discounts captivate customers into buying the products quickly.

Now back to talking about reselling, finding the best deals can be a challenge. That's why we have AMZ Online Arbitrage, a platform to help you receive the best deals to your dashboard every morning at 9:30 am EST, from Monday to Friday.

All you have to do is choose the best plan that works for your needs and get deals, covering both gated and ungated categories.

No more manually sourcing deals, get the best deals delivered now!

Stay tuned to amz blog for more tips and updates on Amazon online arbitrage selling!



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