Easy way to use the AMZ Online Arbitrage Dashboard.

Dashboard User Manual - AMZ Online Arbitrage

Dashboard User Manual - AMZ Online Arbitrage

Pricing Page - Billing and Credentials 

To proceed with the billing, you must provide your Name and Email ID. After you finish your billing, you'll be directed to the Thank You Page. An email with the login credentials for the dashboard and the login link will be sent to you. You can access the dashboard by following the URL that was emailed to you.


Dashboard - Login

You can log in to the dashboard using the credentials we already sent you through the mail.


Dashboard - Home 

  1. On the Home page, you can see the product deals with multiple sections representing all the metrics.

  2. To your left, you can see the Navigation Menu from which you can select the page that you wish to see.



What's Awaiting For You 

You can see the "What's waiting for you" section at the top of the dashboard which clearly explains the ROI, NET PROFIT, and EST. MONTHLY SALES (estimated monthly sales), and RANK of the deals that you receive on the present day.

  • ROI: The average ROI of the deals for the present day.

  • Net Profit: The average net profit of the deals for the present day.

  • Est. Monthly Sales: Average estimation of the monthly sales of the deals for the present day.

  • Rank: Average rank of the deals for the present day.


Profit Estimator 

In the Profit Estimator section, you can see the average minimum profit by selling 10 higher profitable products.


Today's Deal 

In the Today's Deal column, you can see the deals for the present day with all the information that a seller requires.

  • Product Name: Name of the product and the category, as well as the date the list was created.

  • Store Name: The name of the store where the product is.

  • Store Price: The price of the product at the store.

  • Amazon Price: The price of the product on Amazon.

  • ROI: Current ROI of the product.

  • Net Profit: Current net profit of the product.

  • BSR%: Current BSR% of the product.

  • FBA Seller: Current FBA sellers for the product.

  • FBM Seller: Current FBM sellers for the product.

  • EST Monthly Sales: Estimated monthly sales for the product.

  • ASIN: ASIN number of the product

  • BSR  Rank: Current BSR rank of the product.

  • UPC/EAN: UPC or EAN numbers of the product.


Below this, you can also see additional information about the product.

  • Notes: Additional notes regarding the product.

  • Shipping Notes: Type of shipping that the product can be taken from the retail store.

  • Promotion Code: To reduce the amount spent on buying the product from the retail store.

  • HAZMAT: Whether hazardous product or not.


All Deals  

This column is also the same as the Today's Deal column, except here you can see the total number of deals that have been added to your dashboard till today.

However, in Today's Deal, you can only see the deals for the day.


Dashboard - Free Tools  

FBA Calculator  and ASIN Checker  

By using the FBA calculator and the ASIN checker, you can calculate the Net Profit and ROI of the product based on your values and check the restriction status (whether it is gated or not).

If you want these tools to function, you need to do the following:

  • First, you must download these chrome extensions AMZ Online Arbitrage Fba Multi Tool and AMZ Online Arbitrage ASIN Checker.

  • After that, open some random product on Amazon and login to these extensions.

  • Register and log in to the extension if you're a new user.

  • After logging in, navigate back to the AMZ Online Arbitrage Dashboard and refresh the page.

  • Now you can see the FBA calculator is fully functional



View Graph 

If you click on the "View Graph" button, you can see the Keepa Graph which is inbuilt and free. This graph will help you know the Price and Rank history of the product.

From the "1d" and "7d" buttons below the graph, you can see the price and rank history of the product for the present day and also for the previous 7 days.


Store and Amazon 

The "Store" button will take you to the store where the product was acquired, while the "Amazon" button will take you to the Amazon website. This will help you determine the price difference and calculate the profit you can make by selling the product on Amazon.


Wishlist and Purchased   

You can also add the product to the Purchased list by clicking on the Cart symbol in the top right corner of each product. This helps you to keep track of the products that you've already purchased. You can add the product which you like the most to your wishlist for your future reference.


Like and Dislike   

You can like and dislike the products with the help of this like and dislike option. This helps us to know better about the ideology of the seller whoever receiving the deals from us.


Categories Dropdown 

In this dropdown, you can sort and filter the type of category that you wish to see on your dashboard. This will make finding the product even easier.


Plan Filter

You may filter and pick the plan you purchased in this dropdown box. If you have enrolled in multiple plans, you can sort them in this dropdown. 


Download Sheet 

The download symbol next to Today's Deal allows you to download Today's Deals as an excel spreadsheet.


Wishlist Page 

You'll see the products you've already added to your wishlist on this page. This will allow you to save the products you like the most and use them as a reference in the future.


Purchased Page  

You can see the products you've previously marked as purchased on this page. This will allow you to keep better track of the products that you've already purchased.


Extensions Page 

On this page, you can see two chrome extensions that we previously mentioned for the FBA calculator and the ASIN checker to function.

  1. AMZ Online Arbitrage Multi Tool

  2. AMZ Online Arbitrage ASIN Checker

If you click the "Install Now" button, it'll directly take you to the extension and you can download them.


Learn More Page 

On this page, you can find blogs that clearly explain all of the updates, news, and information regarding Amazon Online Arbitrage.

If you click on the "Read More" button, it will directly take you to the blog page on our website.


User Profile Page 

On this page, you can see your profile details:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email ID

  4. Amazon Market Place

  5. Selling Account Display Name


Update Password 

  • If you want to update your password, you can click on "Update Password".

  • A new pop-up will appear.

  • Enter the new password and click on the "Update" button.

Now, your password has been successfully updated.


Edit Profile 

If you wish to edit your profile information,

  • Click on the "Edit" button.

  • Now, all your details can be edited as you wish.

  • After editing, click on the "Save" button.

Now, your profile info has been successfully edited.


Final Thoughts On The Dashboard - AMZ Online Arbitrage 

Isn't this amazing? If you're a new seller and wish to be a part of our amazon fba online arbitrage service and utilize our dashboard, please don't hesitate to join us. 

Stay tuned to amz blog for more tips and updates on Amazon online arbitrage selling!

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