How to Source and Sell Both on Amazon

Gated vs Ungated Products: How To Resell Them On Amazon?

Gated vs Ungated Products: How To Resell Them On Amazon?

Many Amazon Sellers have great confusion between gated and ungated products on Amazon. The major reason for this is the lack of knowledge of why the products are gated or restricted by Amazon.

To understand what is gated and ungated category, their differences, and how to resell these products on Amazon, read this blog up to the end.


Gated Products

Most of the products that come under gated categories are daily essentials like groceries, topicals, electronics, beauty products, etc... Do you know why these products are gated?

As you all know, Amazon has nearly 75% of third-party sellers. If there is any defect in the quality of the products or if it causes any side effects on the people, customers will blame Amazon, not the third-party seller.

So to maintain its reputation and to give quality products to its customers, Amazon puts restrictions on certain products and some top brands. These products are known as restricted category products or gated products.


Ungated Products

Ungated products or open-category products refer to products that can be sold on Amazon without any restrictions. You need not get approval from Amazon to list these products. However, you can sell them either by Amazon FBA Arbitrage or FBM.


Difference between Gated & Ungated Products

There are no major differences between gated and ungated products. Actually, the restrictions for your product depending on your seller account.

If you're a newbie on Amazon, your Seller Account's History might not be much weighted. So most of the products on Amazon will be gated for you.

Contrary to this, if you're an experienced seller who has a good Seller Account History, many products will be auto-approved for you. So it is completely based on your seller account.

One more major difference is, if your products are restricted on Amazon, you have to get approval to sell them.


Advantages of selling gated categories

  • Less Competition  

As gated products need approval from Amazon and the process is so tedious, many sellers ignore them. So they have very little competition. New sellers can use this opportunity and start selling restricted products as they give more profits than open categories.

  • Huge Customer Base

Most of the gated products are essentials. So there are more customers for those products. You'll have a large market for those products.

  • Fast Selling Products

As these products have huge demand and less competition, they are fast-moving products.


Online Arbitrage on Amazon:  

You know what? If you resell the restricted category products on Amazon, you can earn double the profits!

Online Arbitrage on Amazon is so simple. All you have to do is buy a product from an online retail store and sell them on Amazon for good profits. But the only tedious task you have to do is find a profitable product by sourcing many online stores.

Already online arbitrage can fetch you great profits in a short time. What if you resell restricted products on Amazon?

That's why Amz Online Arbitrage provides mixed deals to its customers. As most of the product's restrictions depend on their Seller Account, we provide both gated and ungated product deals so that our customers can enjoy double profits!

Our experts source 1000+ online stores to find you the best products that can fetch you at least $4 Net Profit. Grab the awesome product deals now!


How to un-gate these products?

If you want to un-gate the restricted products on Amazon, you can apply for approval on your own. But it takes quite a long time. I'll give you a better solution.

Visit The Funnel Guru to un-gate your products within 24 hours.

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