Discover Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals

Getting Started With Amz Deals Marketplace | Discover Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals

Getting Started With Amz Deals Marketplace | Discover Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals

After months of effort and hard work, we developed a platform to help Amazon sellers discover the best online arbitrage deals available in the marketplace.  

With this new venture, we wanted to make it easier for online arbitrage sellers by offering more visibility into sourcing lists and liberty in choosing deals on their own. 

When most online arbitrage platforms do not allow you to view and choose your deals, have limited deals of gated and ungated categories, or don't even meet your seller needs, Amz Deals Marketplace is at your service. 


Amz Deals Marketplace: Best Features 

Accessible & Insightful Dashboard  

The Amz Deals Marketplace dashboard provides sellers with total visibility into online arbitrage deals, which enables them to pick deals on their own. 

Once you log in, you can see available deals to choose from and buy individually using coins. You will be able to view each deal's category, BSR, profit, ROI, country, and date of upload.  

By presenting a clear understanding of the available deals, you can easily select and buy the deals on the dashboard at your own wish.  

Dynamic Pricing 

There are no fixed periodical (monthly or annually) plans here.  

You can choose and purchase the deals you want, by buying the number of coins needed or that fits your budget. The pricing for coins here is dynamic and varies accordingly.  

Amz Deals Marketplace allows you to buy as many as credits you want to purchase deals, and these credits last lifelong, i.e., there is no expiry tag. 

Diverse Deal Categories 

Amz Deals Marketplace features deals of diverse categories, from baby and toys to office supplies and home appliances.  

All these deals are vetted by over 100s virtual assistants (VAs Amazon experts) all over the world, with deep insights into global market trends, to cater to every seller's standards.  

Unsaturated Sourcing  

All the deals that are sourced here are unsaturated, i.e., extensive research is taken to ensure that the deals aren't too competitive in the market, and at the same time, they have a good ranking among consumers.  

As a seller, you can benefit significantly from these deals available on Amz Deals Marketplace and do not have to worry about the heavy competition while selling them on Amazon FBA. 


How To Get Started? 

To get started, sign up here and register for a new account.  

Once that is done, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can get an overview of all the deals available and the number of coins in your wallet.  

How To View/Buy Deals? 

To view a deal, click on 'View Deal' and you will be able to see details such as its store price, Amazon price, Sellers Count, Net profit, ROI, ASIN link, Store link, etc.  

To purchase a deal, you need to add credit coins to your wallet and purchase a deal using them.  


How To Buy Credit Coins? 

To buy credit coins, go to 'Get Coins' where you can see 'Coin Balance' and 'Available Deals'. 

Below them, you'll find a slider bar to add your coins. Adjust it to the number of coins you want to add to your wallet, and you can see the price for it in dollars. Click 'Buy now' and you will be redirected to the payment page to make the payment.  

Once the payment is complete, you can view the top-up coins balance on your dashboard. 


How To Purchase Deals? 

To purchase a deal, click on 'Buy Deal' at the right-hand side of that deal. You can purchase it using the coins in your wallet.  

There is no fixed amount of coins per deal. It depends on the deal's quality and weightage.  

You'll be able to view all your purchased deals in the 'Purchased Deals' tab of the dashboard.  

Simply go to 'Purchased Deals' in the left-hand menu and you will a display of all the deals purchased with details such as the deal category, BSR rank, profit, ROI, store price, Amazon price, ASIN link, store link, sellers count, etc.  

You can also filter the view based on the deal category.  


Now, you know what to do.  

Sign up for FREE on Amz Deals Marketplace to discover the best online arbitrage deals available on the market. Select and buy the deals you want, and sell them on Amazon for a better profit! 

Don't miss the opportunity to shine as an Amazon seller! 

You can also keep checking amz blog because we will come back with more exciting news and interesting content for you! 





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