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Your Guide To Amazon Promotions

Your Guide To Amazon Promotions

Amazon has different discounts and promotion tools for sellers, from Prime discounts to coupons to promo codes.

In this article, we'll cover the overview of the most effective discount methods that benefit and suits your business.



Amazon Promo Codes, also known as Discount Codes or Percentage Discounts, are simply Promo codes that customers can use to earn a certain percentage of money from their listings.

Promo codes are popular for ad campaigns outside of Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you incentivize people with a discount code through advertisements to buy on Amazon.

Promo codes can be powerful because you can able to provide just one promo code for everyone or have multiple promo codes.

The main disadvantage of promo codes is that they will not helpful for your click-through rate (CTR), as it is only visible in a small section of the product detail page.



Amazon Coupon Codes are a dollar discount that you offer to customers and will appear on search results and product detail pages.

Coupons appear on product detail pages, which makes your listing more attractive to buyers. Coupons improve your ad's click-through rate by attracting customers through a better offer.

Having coupon codes displayed on search results pages you get a positive impact on CTRs. Coupon codes must be between 5% to 80% off the current price.



With Social Media Promo Codes you can direct potential customers to separate landing pages that may contain just one product or multiple products.

Simply select a discount for one or more products and you will get a special URL that you can send to customers.
Social media promo codes are the best way to offer discounts to a group of customers.  They're much easier to use than a promo code which helps you to improve your conversion rate.



Prime Exclusive discounts as name exhibits are discounts that are specially for prime members.

Prime Exclusive discounts are displayed for all Prime members. Similar to coupons, they appear in search results, as strikethrough prices.

Prime Exclusive Discounts are most effective on Prime Day where you can get a prominent display in the search results, also in a special section of Amazon and they are also eligible for an additional badge.



Instead of lowering prices that affect your profit margin, you can offer discounts that help attract customers with those sales messages.

Choosing profitable products is the most essential part while selling on Amazon. But, that won't be as easy as you think.

Product researching is a key factor here. Researching many online arbitrage websites to find profitable product deals is a time-consuming process.

We have a solution for you. Amz Online Arbitrage is a free tool, where you can able to find profitable products from various online stores for deals and you can sell them for a higher price.

You need to simply analyze the products you want to sell, click, make a purchase, list it on Amazon, and get the profit

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