Why Backend Keywords Are Important For Your Amazon Products?

Why Backend Keywords Are Important For Your Amazon Products?

The major mistake, many amazon sellers do is they don't care about SEO or Amazon algorithm. All they do is list their product on Amazon and wait for the orders, fulfill them and earn money.

However, this is not recommended in all cases. Sometimes, your sales will depend on your product's ranking on Amazon. Keywords play a major role in this part.

Don't know what are the keywords? I'll explain you.



A keyword is typically a description or outline of what the content of your website is all about. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they are phrases and words that internet users enter into search engines while looking for something. Alternatively, keywords are called "search queries" or "search terms."


Amazon Backend Keywords: 

Most sellers, when starting to sell on Amazon FBA, fail to consider Amazon backend keywords.

They might not even be aware that something like this exists or how it works. There is a common misconception that Amazon is only a massive selling platform. In order to become successful on Amazon, sellers assume that Amazon product listings should revolve around:

  • Pricing that is competitive

  • With aesthetic appeal

Obviously, these two aspects are key to ranking your products on the Amazon SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

However, Amazon is also a popular search engine, and most sellers fail to understand that. Utilizing appropriate keywords is beneficial for the visibility of a webpage on any search engine.

Backend keywords on Amazon are usually "hidden" and can only be accessed through the seller account's backend.

This is an additional detail Amazon can provide about a product listing. Imagine these as invisible HTML tags on a website. People viewing an Amazon page cannot see the Amazon backend keywords. Given that they are properly formatted, their influence on organic search rankings is tremendous.

Backend keywords have their purpose. They work like HTML tags and are commonly referred to as “meta tags.”

Meta tags are code snippets that websites use extensively to get higher search visibility. Amazon backend keywords serve essentially the same purpose.

They help in informing and confirming with Amazon’s A9 algorithm that a product listing is compatible with a particular keyword.

Another crucial aspect is "aesthetics." In the past, sellers would stuff keywords excessively in the title and description, making them virtually unreadable. This was called “cloaking.”

Though it did work in ranking the keywords it served no purpose in providing a pleasant user experience. However, these practices are no longer used and even if you do, you will only be hit by a substantial “penalty.”

Consider that Amazon offers backend keywords, where sellers can include other variations of their main (or primary) keywords.

If you are selling plus-size clothing for women, for example, you would use "plus size clothing" as your targeting keyword, right?

However, there might be people who search for clothing for obese women or big-size clothing.

What is the best way to include these keywords? This is where the backend keyword section helps you.


Steps to add hidden keywords on Amazon:

Hidden keywords of your products can be added by Amazon Seller Central's User Interface.

  1. First, log in to your Amazon Seller account.

  2. Click the inventory tab.

  3. Click the edit button that is placed on the right.

  4. From the offer tab, click on the keywords to open the hidden keywords section to add your hidden keywords.


Uses of adding hidden keywords:

  • Plays a major role in the product ranking

  • Engages audience

  • Pulls organic traffic

  • Gives more insights into the existing trends

  • Increases sales.



To have better sales you've to find the proper keyword that works for your products, by doing keyword research. Before all this you have to find a product that actually works, right?

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